6on6 pracs

Although many good teams have been brought back to life, i still don't believe et is going on a much better path until clans can find fast and skilled pracs to play daily. So if any of the teams that will play the upcoming EC fells like praccing, feel free to join up #cortana from 8ish and ask for war, we are seriously bored to death.
Where were you yesterday? Was looking for a pracc for 1h.
played 2 pracs from 9 with some skillful unknown opponents ranking themselfs 7 or 8 on cb. it was great.
Lost Soldiers was one of them :P
#accurate standard searching a war around 20:00
QuoteSo if any of the teams that will play the upcoming EC fells like praccing
maybe he will respond? Good practise for us :))

et is dead
SO ARE YOU..............................................
TTDet doesn't exist anymore so you won't find any good pracs
join #qubetemp at any time for some serious beats.
don't worry, its hard to find a low+skilled oppo (clan, not a mix) as well
20:14 -!- Cannot join to channel #cortana (You are banned)

TAG.et always up for a slap
if you want we can prac tonight around 20:15 or something? (#accurate) try us :)
pm hentai
can i has pass?
not for lowbies
murso is praccing pretty often but usually 21cet ->
me lettu chmpp mikza Iron cadein
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