Trackmania OC 3on3

hmmmmzz ,

is it fair or :D

CB posting of OC 3vs3 teams

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im tmnf pro
I played 2v2 with one of the best players of tm some seasons ago and we were put into 4th league so np for admin : ]
Why we need to give our selfs a number if they put us random >:0
rating deto 1 :DD
we cant drive :D
It is a try, change may be done.
i really hope so ..

i dont think that a "skilled one" don't want to win with 4 secs of a lower skilled rider
or otherwise
pm admins, it's the best way to change it.
I'm gonna do the same as they put in 2nd division for 1on1...
If you would be into the TMF scene then you would know the competition of ET leagues (yes, that's an organistation who organises TMF cups / leagues) is VERY different from CB

I mean if you give yourself a ranking of 8 - 10 on CB, you would be like 5-7 on ET leagues
So now we got a mix of CB teams and ET teams, which makes it a lot more difficult to divide them in groups

And as said before, changes can still be made
Atleast we allow our community to suggest changes, which can't be said from the ET scene
is the tmf scene big?

never saw that appeal of that game
it has thousands of clans playing nowhere expect publics for ingame ranking points and only tens playing in esl/cb or smth like this

biggest TMF community, even bigger then CB and ESL together

They are organising TMF NC atm

and also STC (best teams) cup
fair enough.
nice giving some feedback to the admins Monte :)
need dignitas-bozar here
yeye we need him...

if he has the abilitity to move objects with his mind, unbanning himself from CB should be easy :D
I did not know you can play it 3on3. How does it go actually? All 6 race same time and the times are counted together? Haven't ever bothered playing it online, I suck too much at it even single player. But then again my rank rised over million ranks in 1 hour after I installed the game so I guess there is million people who really suck at it.
It's in gametype team

in the case of 3vs3 the one who finnishes first get 6 subpoints, the second 4, the third 2, the rest 1 i believe

then you count together the subpoints for each team, and the team that has to most subpoints that round, wins that round and gets 1 real point
Aah okey nice to know, have to try it some time.
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