autoexec.cfg * fixed*

hey girlz & ladies

my autoexec.cfg doesn't work when i go into ET!
i have to exec the cfg over & over again when inside the game!
dunno why it doesn't work :(

plz help
it's a question for "PM in IRC"->ask someone.

God, I hate journals like this.
create a new profile then try ^_^
the autoexec only works if it is below 16 or exactly 16kb
otherwise it wont work
so check if there are random comments u dont need !
create prof
delete everything cfg related from your etmain + etpro folder

do a /cvar_restart ingame

then add ur current autoexec and exec it + /vid_restart
dave =D
hi !
how is you and cel? :<
nice :) we was shopping today :>
i worked 8 hours in the sun walking and running from door to door
im swimming in money 8D
its 9.60 kb
dunno why it dont work :(
Put seta in front of every cvar.

seta cg_drawgun 0 and so on
what difference does that make?
It writes the cvars into your ETpro profile and prevents you having to exec your config on every start up. Some cvars are not in there if you don't change them with a seta. Hence, they have to be reloaded on every start of ET.
thnx dude :)
nP mate.

put a "fixed" or something in the topic :P

EDiT: If you have a problem with your r_picmip settings not loading, remove:

"r_lastvalidrenderer" from the autoexec.
Wait, but you already have seta before every cvar in your profile cfg which is also your game one? so why adding 'seta' should be your problem fix?
Read my reply on Stiletto's question.
Known, maybe it was just a cause of his own cfg changes while removing 'seta' in front of some cvars because as i said he already has 'seta' in front of every cvar in his profile cfg.
Well that's not the issue, his autoexec needs them, for reasons that are beyond me. All I know is if you put a seta in front of every cvar in your autoexec the problems gone. So ET probably doesn't load everything. I've noticed this before with certain cvars when I tried to make a config by only using the console. I typed in all the cvars without a seta and did /writeconfig autoexec and it didn't load what it was supposed to. With the seta in front it always does.
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