Bought my new screen yesterday, ( L227WT ) first impressions, fucking good contrast, nice screen for watching movies and while surfing on websites and play newer games like cod4, etqw, and strategi games.
image: n5k1ok

then i tried to play some ET, woo fucking failure :D
first tried to play with r_mode -1 customheight 1050 customwidth 1680 @ 60hz
60hz is fucking laggy :D.

hmm so i tried r_mode 6 at 75hz, people become fucking short and fat and that looks fucking ugly ! ;D


image: 24ne7g4
now i am trying to fix some nice dual view options at nvidia =D

( want my 19 inch tft back that worked perfect for everything :( )
Eyecancer, thanks!
You rock!
hmm fat models = fat head = easy to hit?

your whole x/y is off ratio so no, not really
Yes he should play with widescreen 1680 1050 custom resolution @ 60 hz.
following your logic, best if you play on a projector : D
haha :D
well.. i got such a widescreen laptop. if i play cs 1.6 on it.. i hit much better. For me it just feels as evertything would be like a fatty..
if u use that + übersmall crosshair u should hit pretty easy :o
hf with it :)
Quotehmm so i tried r_mode 6 at 75hz, people become fucking short and fat and that looks fucking ugly ! ;D

what's the prob? it's real life perspective about nerdz. !
Useless pictures.
widescreens are just horrible in fps games : /
The pictures clearly reflect the great contrast and quality of your monitor.
try 1680x1050 @ 75 maybe? -___-
same hz but max resolution would help
How much ?
or were you just playing against humm3l ? :(
LG had this 4:3 feature or something, you can get black borders so its doesnt strech the image and you wont see fat dwarves running around, look for it in the menu. it basically turns the monitor into a 17" or so LCD
You better buy a good digicam!
used my mobilephone ;D
try 1280x720 maybe?
60hz max @ that reso
that's why i hate my 2nd monitor, cant play 75 hz fullscreen :E
the only non-blurry mode is 1280x1024, which is centered and not interpolated, looks like 17 inch monitor inside of 22'' :E
huh, my 22" can do 1280x720@75hz :E
60 ar enough
with another resolution than 1680:1050 ur monitor will interpolate pixels and u will get a "blurred" screen. With 1680:1050 u will play only by 60 hz and get laggz, not hitting 100% and having max 40 acc. Its my expirience and didnt understand how poeple can play with an tft. Maybe its only a thingi of accustoming?
if you want fullscreen at your new one, you have to run the game in native tft resolution, then the game is running kinda fluent.

However there are monitors that have native interpolation which then will run every reso nicely.

other than that, do it like i do (24 "), get used to windowmode :)


zadd said: btw you dont have to get used to windowmode...
zadd said: just make a frame of black paper
zadd said: and kit it on your monitor :D
zadd said: :DDD
zadd said: home improvement with zadd
R_mode 6 @ 75hz is fine. Playing widescreen @ 60hz just makes mouse movement feel horrible. The only problem with r_mode 6 is it is a bit jagged and blurry so can be hard to see long distance.
Empty CD shelfs? Must be stealing everything!
heh, I use exactly same keyboard + mousepad!
show us more from ur room! ;9
du har pengar du..alexL..

jävla rika fan

grattis :XD
are those perfumes on upper shelf? ;O

anyway, i also made a switch from 17 inch to widescreen monitor, I use 1280x800 and it's just a matter of adapting, although I still think I aimed easier on normal monitor. :o
yeah it perfumes, yeh my 19"inch tft screen was perfect, 800x600 @ 85hz <3 but it died and now i could not find any 19 4:3 screens :(
tft with 85 hz?
yes image: front1

Viewsonic VX924

but it died some days ago ;( after 2.5 years.

but got warranty left so gonna call viewsonic :P
why did u buy the new one then?
in sweden for around 2.5 years ago but its a newer better version of it VX922
but cant buy it here anymore =)
so buy my monitor!
its 19* 2ms
no, will get a new black crt and use dual view with 2 monitors :D
i would use my 2 homies in dual mode too, cant find the reason for this :/
ye, this viewsonic is awesome
it's a very rare screen with 85hz through DVI (other 85hz lcd screens support 85hz only over d-sub afaik)
yep i loved it
buy my 19 tft screen i dont need it anymore!
m4n diz iz so kewl
Quotehmm so i tried r_mode 6 at 75hz, people become fucking short and fat and that looks fucking ugly ! ;D

your scaling settings are fucked up
yeah but, 1680x1050 @ 60Hz was alot worser :D
i play r_mode 6 on a 22" tft and i can't play with anything else now

but i'm shit loel
playing with 1440x900 @ 60hz - 71fps. Not so laggy.
mei liev jong i fiq dish & dai daemlishe mudDa
if native then 1680x1050 60hz@125fps
if not native use a res where your display can do 75hz and play with 76fps
use the dvi cable


(i'm@1280x800-75hz/76fps and it's smooth)
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