Desert Foxes - The Movie

old home of Desert Foxes
¬ Switzerlandvegi couldn't ever understand what we said
¬ SwedenPepper very calm at this time, didnt whine
¬ SwedenNackskott mest bokstavssjukdomar.
¬ SwedenDarius trickplanter engi
¬ SwedenPelk unknown pro aimer
¬ Swedensavage tactics with 3D hitsounds
¬ SwedenAlexL biggest rambo, unexpected

¬ Sweden very old fragmovie that never got released.

the moment we all waited for, the MOVIE that has everything.
Totally awesome :)
go back to the kindergarten johan!
nice 1 about time 2 !!!

no nanaki ? :P

EDIT: i saw have seen it before ? pepper must of send it to mehhhh w000t
i found the trailer for it, it had the clip with you doing the nade kills in sd tunnel XD
hehe ye, very old school xD
don't wanna waste 2,6 mins of my life
ownage :D
OMG I always wanted that shit!! thank you so much
oh no rapid share
finally a movie instead of demos to wank on
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