Direct Input 1.1

Is it safe or not?

thx for answer

Why not ?
weren't people getting kicked for it? it's legal?
"it's legal?"
*is it legal? + yes, it is.
Questions Masquerading as Statements
Sometimes even direct questions are tricky because they can look like statements, and the only way to tell your reader otherwise is to add a question mark (1). There's a big difference in meaning between “He went to the store.” and “He went to the store?” Yet the only difference between the two sentences is that one ends with a period and one ends with a question mark. The question mark makes it a direct question that shows surprise. What the heck was he doing at the store?"
"(1) The Chicago Manual of Style. Fourteenth Edition. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993, p. 164.

stick to polish :D

+ thanks
I will remember! :{D, thanks for clearing me out, btw. it wasn't a good idea, trying to show you a mistake in your grammar, since you are English, and I'm Polish :P
condom is only 99% safe
It's for 100% :)
its safe now.
where to download ?
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