Pes 09 Advicee

I'm still in two minds on what game to actually purchase for my ps3.. I'm basically looking to play either one of the games I get online..

Does anyone know if you can do 2v2 on Pro Evo Soccer 09 online? E.G. me and my mate/cousin/what ever.. playing on the same team against 2 other people online.

PES2009 > fifa09 on PS3 for sure !!!

I tried both demos, my choice is for PES2009 !

Take Pes Fifa sucks
fifa 09 is easily the best fifa they've made, its got alot of nice stuff, i always find that pes has better gameplay and just feels nicer, i dont think u can do 2v2 thos, dnt really no wat features it will have, i think ill buy pes 09 none the less!
Fifa for online!
PES for offline!
The pes2009 is good for play online this year :)
Buy fifa
fifa is laggy this year, but more playable than peso8(dunno about pes09), when it comes about online.
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