starcraft2 at blizzcon 2008

looks awesome.
boring shitgame -____-
omg, will watch this later - should be an easy win for yell0w?

anyway, i think the whole trilogy bullshit is stupid, have fun as all the newbs play whatever race is released first :\
what trilogy? explain pls :)
i believe multiplayer is untouched, no new races or whatever, just campaign content, like chapters.
Sounds like the casters are saying Sonkie...

And it looks cool
The one got 3 exe and the other got 1 late exe... but the 2nd player own the first.. whats up with this game?
news and fucking remove the score !
World of Warcraft obviously doesn't produce enough of income, so Blizzard had to made this tough decision and release one game as a trilogy.

How I understand them.
looks brilliant.

can't wait to purchase :D!

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