japanese F111111111111

next season we need a Crossfire F1 dream team league.

got it for the premier league so we need it for F1 too :X

my current dream team due to money restraints is

Lewis (captain - double points)


final result

go sleep
my sleeping pattern is fucked

fell asleep at 7am woke up at 10:20pm
k, that sux D:
just go sleep now, set up your *ring ding* alarm-clock @ 12: 00 or something....
and go sleep earlier next day !!!

or just stay awake and tallk / paly with me :D :D :D
would need sleeping pills, otherwise i'd just be laying in bed for hours :x
try watching a boring movie while being in bed : o...i get asleep so easily if TV is running meanwhile.
got the same problem too in the last days, cannot fall asleep when its night, but in the afternoon 1time closing my eyes and i felt asleep ..
Go Ferrari!

Yes I am watching it live :)

Coultard failed all ready loooool.

Hamilton from hero to 5th w00t....
omg plz f1 sux
Then gtfo of this thread ;)
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Be nice ;)
massa basically drove straight into the side of hamilton

nope :( Will do soon though but not now at this time of the morning :)
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because you are on the registration page ;/PPP

Quote Fusen 05:41:35


Well your 1st link did not take me to the correct place but your 2nd link is fine, danke shoes :)
i never edited that comment and the link still points to the legit url :X
Strange, your 2nd link is fine anyway :)

No big deal anyway, watching live on tv :)
massa raiki and hamilton are under investigation by the stewards ;DDD
swewards xD
deception and lies
cheaters always win Ferrari is always right

fucking corrupt shit, just like belgium GP
woot massa gets drive through penalty
nice fuckup
/pause need the toilet ...... brb

hamilton chasing massa

he'll overtake him

all depends on how far up the points table he can get
Thanks for your help Fuesn, Im off to watch the rest of the F1 on my 42 inch screen downstairsp instead of watching on my gay bar (but trust worthy) 19" Samsung SyncMaster 940MW, well,,,, its buillt in tv tuner :)
on in my living room with my laptop ;D
itv must have an advert about every 10 minutes >>>>.<<<<<
Sux dosnt it, thats advertising for you ;)
sux being english
hamilton 2 stopping for some reason
woooooooooooooooooo massa fucks up
jesus that ferrari was like a rocket ship up behind kubica
paska kisa. menkää te britit billuu ku ette osaa formulaaka ajaa. Alonso for the win!
ban massa imo - we all know italians cheat
alonso is still the best driver this season!

but vettel @ champion 2010 =)
nice move from Alonso at last lap, I thought that Lewis will crash with him :DD

gg Poland Kubica \o/
Hamilton fails
Massa finished 7th btw, Bourdais got a 25 second penalty for causing the collision with Massa.
Next year Suzuka will be back, can't believe they replaced it with this shitty track.
Did you see the hallway with all the Japanese chicks that applauded the top 3 drivers? OMG, I hope heaven will be like that! :D
they should copy that idea of hallway full of chicks on all tracks :D
yeah, definitely, if you find any pics of it, plz pm me :D
isn't it like that on all tracks? at least it was at monza and singapore.
I remember that they were at Singapore, dunno about Monza.
jesus, she's ugly
not surprising that you're an assmate
my summary: rofl.

Well ok, Raikkonen won the start, expected. Hamilton made a mistake going into the first corner (Alonso said in the press conference that several drivers including himself had problems with tyre temperature at the start). But why give him a penalty for nothing? When did someone ever get a penalty for that? And why does Massa get the same penalty for clearly cutting the chicane and turning Hamilton around? He's clearly learning the wrong things from Schumacher.
Bourdais getting a penalty... hard to judge from that camera angle, but they needed to be somewhat consequent.

Deserved win by Alonso, some nice scenes between Kubica and Raikkonen at the end.
Like you said yourself: Raikkonen won the start and Hamilton should've taken his loss like a man and just go into the first corner in 2nd place. But due to another brainfailure he decided to lock all wheels and make a ridiculous passing attempt. If Raikkonen wouldn't have been so alert, Hamilton would've ended both their races. Because of Hamilton's move, Kovalainen and several others were forced wide too.

As of the Massa/Hamilton accident. It was the other way around, it was a retarded move of Massa. And plz, don't bring Schumacher into this, Schumacher was/is the best driver ever with a great sense of racing, hard but fair. If you want to compare Massa to a wreckless driver, name Montoya or some other idiot who doesn't know how to race.
Imo the best solution would've been a real stop-and-go penalty for Massa, since he actually hit someone.

Although there were several incidents and stuff, it was a bad race on a shitty track. I'm glad that Suzuka will be back next year. But unfortunately they gonna alternate these two Japanese GP's if I'm not mistaken :-(
They also need to do something about those damn stewards. Because this is getting ridiculous, they needed 15 laps to decide on the first corner and the Hamilton/Massa incident and they investigated the Massa/Bourdais incident after the race, even while there were still 16 laps to go ^^ They should make a decision within 3 laps imo and maybe postpone the investigation if they need to check data (which is hardly ever necessary).
Yep, just when I thought he understood that getting points is more important than winning he's pulling such a manoeuvre. But when did anyone ever get a penalty for that? There have been many first corner crashes in the past, but how many did get punished?

For me it was ok that they investigated the Massa/Bourdais incident after the race even though 15 laps were left. But after seeing the incident again I think the penalty for Bourdais is completely off. He was going into the corner first and on the inside, Massa left him no space. Like he said there was nothing he could've done.
"I don't know what I was supposed to do basically. I could have unrolled the red carpet and given him the corner. That is the only thing I could have done."
It was surprising what Hamilton did indeed, since he announced that he would drive defensive to secure his championship. It's hard to pick a champion this year, imo both Massa and Hamilton don't deserve it. Kubica would be the third option, but that wouldn't be good either, since he wasn't up there to fight for victories due to his car.

The Bourdais/Massa incident was a tricky one. Bourdais needed to be careful because he was the one coming out of the pits. It's difficult to judge this, because it's for a position. Massa took the normal racing line and wanted to get past to keep pushing till his pitstop. He maybe could've given Bourdais a bit more space. Bourdais on the other hand needed to give space and he did, but not enough. At least not enough to avoid a collision.
Bourdais said that he didn't understand Massa doing this, since Massa needed to go into the pits within a few laps. Maybe true, but on the other hand, why does Bourdais push if he knows that Massa needs to go in anyway. Massa was a lot faster and even if Bourdais managed to block him, Massa would've been all over him till his pitstop.
Imo a normal racing accident, because both could've done better to avoid the accident.

In general I think it's a good thing that people are getting punished a bit more nowadays. But there's still lots of work to do to apply the rules in a fair and consistent way.
I agree, there really isn't anyone who deserves to win this years championship.

Whiting told the teams in the briefing that whoever gets out of the pits has the right of way. Add to that that Bourdais was already driving on the curb. So, I really don't understand how they can punish him and they won't give any reasoning for that either. For me that's the best joke of this season, at least so far.
England 74-0 Wales
kubica :DDD
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