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Once upon a time i was eating, then i was like hmm i need more so my stomach will feel full! so i ate more and more untill my pants said "Hey! stop eating you are hurting me" so i stopped and i was semi full, so i was wondering i kinda only eat to get the full-feeling in my stomach, and not because i like to eat.
of course i like to eat some things sometimes but i will eat it until i am full and i kinda not eat only 1 thing and be like "Oh dear that was delicious!" but more like "It was tasty! but i am still hungry" and i will eat.
And i only get food when i am hungry not like specific times or so!

when i was asking this to some friends only one said "Oh my, what to say.. i eat because i like to eat and if its not enough to fill me then no problem"

So then i was like grinding my gears and wondering do you eat because you like to eat? or do you eat to remove the hunger?
I eat to replenish my health.
I eat only to feel not hungry anymore :p
I dont eat at all
I always have to force myself to eat enough :(
Waiting for foolish's comment!
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Warning Level: 40 / 100 thats why.
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I try fill my stomach around 80% in order to keep a clean body. But it's so hard I know, look, im eating atm :DD.
The solution is to make a lot of sport and you'll be allowed to eat whatever whenever.
So not true, regarding the sport theory.
It is true depending on which sport and how much they train. Rowers for instance burn alot of calories so to replenish themselves they can eat alot more without fear of putting on weight.
trust me it is
I eat cause I love it
if you like to eat alot, just eat loads of nuts. fruit, and cereal then you will shit it out pretty quick
I eat, no matter what, no matter when.
i eat all day long, im eating atm
yup, my energy comes from zonnepanelen
jeez man...
I eat dicks
I rly missed you here on CF.. Rly Rly Rly hard :<
i like lemoncake. when i eat it i do because i like it. my body dont really need lemoncake. but a piece of lemoncake from time to time makes me happy.
I'll never reject good food :>
:P i'll just eat more slowly when im full so I can keep having that great flavour in my mouth hmmmmmmmmmmm
<3 peter :D
I eat when I feel hungry of course, but I also eat stuff when I think hmmm I want to have some chocolate (for example). Most of the time its a combination of the both though.
do some sports if you wanna lose some weight ;) that's what I tell you after reading this!
lmao Loekino
don't I get a discount :(
No. I know how much I have to eat, how many times, but sometimes its really hard to do.
cmon I live on your island and im your hottieboy so I want to pay no more as 10 euro :(
w00 cool
yes, atm I eat around 150g protein and 350g+ carbohydrate. Wouldnt be hard with not "clean" food (like chocolate) but if you eat properly then it is really hard..
hmhmhmm my house 22:00
its better than being constapated
Your theory is bullshit :-)
No. It's like you dont like to waer hat but you have to because winter is cold.
I live on a diet of spaghetti hoops on toast and microwave chips
you dont have a clue what is diet, do you ?
You misunderstood the way I used the word "diet"

English slang, sorry
Maybe wasnt a perfect example. But if I dont eat properly then I dont have enough energy, i wont grow, I wont be healthy. Ofc it would be "too much" if i would do nothing all day but if I do sport i need the nutrition for my body. Doesnt really matter what is my mood. This is a life style I have to accept it, 98% of the people dont really know what they are eating, they just eat randomly as you journal proved perfectly.
comments like this:
"I eat when I feel hungry of course, but I also eat stuff when I think hmmm I want to have some chocolate (for example). Most of the time its a combination of the both though."
He said "ofc". Why he said that because he thinks this is the _normal_ to eat when you are hungry. I wont change anybody mind with this comment with this discussion because I am not the MTV that effects people mind, unfortuanatelly.

If you see the television adverts there is every 4th is some medicine advert. Why ? Because ppl are not healthy and the system wants not healthy ppl because they can sell more of their drugs.
If ppl would eat normally, not like "I eat fruits because of vitamins" then those medicine companis couldnt sell that much.. This hard to explain this is very complicated.

So better to force myself a little than eating chokolate every day and become fat and die when i am only 50 years old (jeh that was scaled example).
Here's the problem with eating: unhealthy food is faster to cook, it tastes better and you have less dishes to wash (pizza + oven = win). So apart from being unhealthy it totally beats all other kinds of food :/
jeh its very difficult to throw the rice into the boiled water :O
Yep, you have to get a jar, then you need water, you need to wait until it's boiling before you can put the rice in and when you're done you have to wash the jar. And btw do you eat only rice for lunch?
I dont like rice so I eat that every day only once or twice. I combinate my eating pattern with potato, special pasta (dunno in englsih, not egg pasta) , millet balls as snack during day. and sometimes whole-wheat bread

for protein:
main is the chicken (I DO IT ONCE A DAY AND IT EAT 4 times i just put it into the microwave)
cottage cheese at night,

+ protein shakes when i feel like to eat something easy.. like when morning starts
okok I get it! You're really serious about this. Like you said, the way you eat and work out is a life style. I bet it's quite difficult to adjust your ingestion so your body gets what it really needs.
I dont want to be hypocrite but sometimes i feel like to eat some rubbish ofc. But I dont accept that like "ok I ate something".

So if you want to concantrate JUSt a little on your eating try to eat proteins like meat (i eat chicken every day), cheese, eggs (white part). Atleast you did something usefull then for ur body..
i eat cause i like to eat and i eat a lot :O
I eat like 4-8 meals/week D: Dont like to eat but I love the food :D
sorry :<
whenever I feel like it, usually one meal a day but I go downstairs like 10 times per hour and I casually open the fridge every time and grab a snack or two. weird thing is that I do that even though I know there's no goodies !
just did it again :(
Both. Probably why i'm fat =D
i eat when my mother puts food on the table and if im bored i try to find something eatable but mostly the search aint rly successful:<
Indeed. The feeling to ate so much that u can't even move anymore is like to shoot stars.
im not fat :(
i like to eat for the taste and to become abit fatter then i am :P

But it wont work no matter howmuch i eat :(

So i just eat for the taste + energy i guess.
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