cod5 beta is out!


Hf with it :)
you can't play it without a beta key ;)
fuck dis shitz
selling COD4 KEY pmme!
I sold it for 20 euros 8)
How long has cod4 been out by now? Quite a fast phase for next sequel, at least on my opinion.
not the same developpers afaik
true, Infinity Ward is developing cod6 as we speak
CoD4 relased @ 2007 nov
cod4 lived 1 year, congratulation !
cod5 won't ever be as good as cod4, unfortunately the competitive community will move to cod5 whether it sucks or not ...
Yeah, just like from ET to ETQW.
Just like CoD4 wasn't half as good as CoD2.
it takes 1 day to finish your sp ;) then there is no sp to play at ;) you understand? ;)
Ye sure but it's the best SP experience I've ever had!
yeah,fighting against bots is always delightful experience.. somehow your fanboyism shines throught you..
God you're so narrow-minded!

Fanboyism? Can't a guy like a game or what? I played the SP, I loved it, so what the fuck is your problem?
how was cod4 singleplayer against bots??, it was actually good, just like all the cod singleplayers. you're a fucking moron.
hey hey hold on! no need to be mean. :( the thing what i am up to on this case is that i don't care to play agains computer because the AI is always shit,always in a level of retard, pointing at anygame what has sp. so if the game flops on MP but is good SP is a flop anyway.
you might wanna actually play something you bash first, you really are narrow minded. I love cod2 and ET and I love cod4 sp, even though i'm not even touching cod4 mp with a 20 foot pole.
i hate every cod what has been made. as an example of stupid AI,i am talking about Battlefield genre. even on the hardest level,when the enemy walks near to you,let's say you are proning behind the corner and enemy comes from the corner and sees you,he keeps walking but keeps looking/tracking at you all the time when he walks. if you try to shoot him (you press mouse1) in the same second he shoots you with headies ofc (bot you know). so basicly every time when you press mouse1 when enemy is near you,you get killed even there isn't a fight on.

and this fits on 80% of SP games what have made. it doesn't require brains to "own" computer.
not like you have any brains anyway, your whole paragraph of text was completely irrelevant to any cod game, and its even more funny you hate them without even playing them, moron. you're the fanboy here.
seems to me your only defence is to insult and you suck on it,unlike this other dude. so he won. ^-^

edit: and i'm the fanboy here, up for pink slip?
seems like you need to learn to read
seems like you need to wash your face and prepare for bedtime with your mom.

edit: just to let you know if you didn't saw it already,you owned yourself in dat. he said it doesn't require brains to play against computer and your the one who actually loves play singleplayer so from that i assume your not so smart guy.

bibuy nuub.
cod4 SP was pro! FO :d
fuck me. :)
its funny, i can say the same about cod1 and cod2...
COD4 is the largest fail game ever, gg.
Looking forward what will happen to it after 2(?) years.. There won't be 500players of it ahaahah :>
if cod5 fails it will be massive still!
I think COD5 will totally take over COD4's place.
Atleast WW FPS games are better than modern stuff imo :>
quake? ut? cs?
Quake isn't that bad.
I don't like UT.
And CS isn't that bad either, but still WW games better or atleast most of them.
even cod1 has bigger scene than ET, welcome to online gaming
Jeah i see cod1 eurocup everywhere :D

if it's so fucking big why do you come back here all the time and try to prove how fantastic that game is

show me the community page
It was terrible anyways so thats good news!
fileplanet :X
all mirrors @ USA
I still got no email from the official site where you get the keys.

/edit: got an account, but no key. where the hell do you get it?
50p to the first person to crack this!
can trade css/hl2, c&c ra1/2 cod1 , cod2 , cod4, generals, quakelive beta key for it :D
cod is shit, face it
fps games are no fun anymore when u dont have enough time to pracc :/
second that so I deleted every game except patiance and mine sweeper from my pc ;)
pes + football managers !
Need a key :(((
need rapidshare link plz
Looks dire?
What does the PC BETA include?

3 Maps: Castle, Makin, and Roundhouse (yes, map hole fixed). All gametypes will be available, and your level cap will be set to 40.

And of course, in case you missed the memo, there will be a fleet of Day-1 servers provided by to ensure you find a lag-free server right out of the gate.

I see players in servers!!!
That's us testing. We've been testing all the day-1 servers, and preparing this thing for the launch. If you saw anybody in servers over the past few days, or tonight, that's us =). The good news is, all systems are go, and I can't wait to tear it up with you guys tomorrow!!!

How will this all go down?

The minute the BETA launches, an e-mail will be sent out to every registered user on, informing them of the launch. You will simply need to go to your Account / Profile tab of your account and your code will be right there (not just yet, when the thing goes live). You’ll also see a nice big announcement here, and some PC BETA forums will be created.

The Account / Profile page will also have a mirror listing of all known mirrors where you can download the file. The file you download will require a key upon installation, which is where you’ll enter the code you find in your profile.

But my FilePlanet download has started, what does this mean?

Nothing. It means that if you are a paid subscriber, they are allowing you to pre-load the file (it's rather large). You will not be able to play without a key, and probably won't even be able to install it until they unlock the file. So please don't get your hopes up thinking you'll be playing tonight, because you wont .

Stay tuned!

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