et patch...

ok so i havent played for a while now and also formated, so can anyone tell me what patch is it on and if your kind enough a dl like also :)
2.6b for over 2 years now..?
as i said, havent played it for a while and forgot the patch version.

and thanks pala :)
not again
what pala sayed
ETpro 3.2 ftw
what dylon said
wb fierro :)
check tutorials, download etpack or etinstaller
play .55

way more fun ^_^
try chess > ET
how long have you been in the cave, last et update was 2 years ago?
selfquoting is lame!
erm u are kinda missing eachothers point here. What the first poster said can be interpreted in different ways.
archangel interpreted it as taking it with a friend who isnt used to taking on regular basis :)
ross ^-^
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