SSH account


my torrents are banned at uni because they can tell torrent traffic / programs running. encryption doesnt work.

basically i need an SSH shell account to use over putty ( )

does anyone know a good place to get one that they have used or have space on their server? it needs to be free and cope with around 100mb a week so hardly mega traffic. the list on that link of providers is useless.

i will also be leeching only as waffles sucks and i dont intend to give back much to them

18 > waffles
i concur. but i have ratio to maintain on what, whereas i intend to just eyefuck waffles
use rapidshare?
36kb/s, joy of fucking joys
what 0o 400 kb here!
1,6 mb/s here nP
same here :DD
I really dont care
Yeah I did the same thing to use irc awhile ago. But, unless you've your own server, or can use someone else's - like I did - you're limited. A better option would be to find a 'private forum' where they host recent files on file sharing services. It's http traffic so your university can't block it.
suggestions ? i like what/waffles because they are so queer about transcoding and get loads of things in advance
There isn't much you can do. The uni might open the ports if you submit a request but it's doubtful.
break into the uni IT office and modify there firewalls with some hammers.
a rapidshare premium acc will solve all your problems
no warez on my root, no thanks!
no space left with all that porn.
foonr foonr :(
use your face to sort the problem.
I would suggest you to use a VPN, people might be more likely to give you access to a VPN than to their SSH, then you do all your (kinky) traffic through the VPN..
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