Keyboards suggestions?

Well, for some reason this keyboard causes my games to drop to 0 FPS for a split second every 1-2 seconds. On my old computer I thought it was just my PC but I have a new PC and it's still lagging when I move. LoL

Given my bad experience with all the cheap keyboards at Circuit City that don't let me hit more than 2 keys at once, what does everyone use/recommend? I just need a cheap USB keyboard that won't bug out when trying to move in ET or TF2 and is nice and responsive. Doesn't have to have lights.
just use a ps2 5 euro keyboard!
logitech dinovo edge
cheap one of logitech. i dont care that muhc as long as i dont need to press that hard on the keys ;)
it's a new meaning of lazy
microsoft wired keyboard 500
image: 11046949
image: 1

logitech g15
lol fucking spaceship battlestation command center
it ownz! :DDD
but the screen is useless :<
it costs 70/80€ here!
with this u cant even deny that you are über geek when someone visit you at home :D
Saitek Eclipse <3

image: eclipse

Very nais!
40 dollars, that's better than the rest so far. Newegg says it has 4 function keys, what's that mean?
+/- volume, mute button, and on/off on the lights
take a simple logitec one.
10€ max is better than shit G15 with 1000 useless functions. (G15 looks like airship or something)
I have a cheap logitech keyboard and it cripples my PC. :(

I just want the cheapest USB keyboard that I can get that won't bug out on me if I try to hit too many keys at once. You have anything that you've played with personally that fits that profile?
Yes. had the same with my old one.

it's like to cheap for the quality.
it has some nice functions like: browser-key, e-mail-key etc.
around 10€
Cherry Cymotion Expert
- Water resistant
- multiple keys at once work
- it has the most important media keys
image: cymo_expert_aufsicht_s66xf
water resistant?
Ur keyboard causing lowfps?

It was causing my FPS to drop to 0 for a split second. Yeah, bizarre, but I plugged in a USB keyboard and no more stuttering.

How many does it cost when I order @ you?

I has a Lycosa
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