wtf servers

what is going on? all servers are just crashing. every server we wanted to play a war just crashed.. its not ws command, got the latest cb configs...

our server didnt have latest config still crashed
i was gonna win and then it crashed
carrying the team nP for tosspot
same our server has sometimes such a lag that noone can move and now it crashed for no reason
punishment of god
clanbase hacking your servers!
had same..
Death of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
second serv second provider same crash :/
my wild guess: a new pb update
I heard its netCoders :(
my server crash reason:for unknown reason =/
i just only know, it happened as there was a callvote on cyber to kick ziff for cheating.
After everything crashed.

belgian Skynet...
and i'm getting pbusterB.exec heartbeats stopped -_-'

how to fix this? pm me
i get this msg if i have et opened twice (1x minimized and then start it again for example!)
what? ..i don't have 2 ET opens if it is that you mean
look this what i get

image: wet20081116215534qk7
image: wet20081122122952cn9

i already reinstalled my pb and updated and still don't work -_-''
I see this pb kick quite often nowadays
I guess you'll have to wait for a next update wich should fix the prob
i was thinking of making a journal maeby somebody knows how to fix it
Go for it!
I think its Polish, or Peruvian Panflute bands...
its a pandemic :D

oh noes, a dinosaur!!
hbc and nexus just crashed :x
yeah.. trying a manual update now to see if we can work around it
I did, and after that update it restarted, was fine for ~10 minutes until it crashed again, last 5 minutes it crashed like 5 times ;s
Is yours crashing after [11.21.2008 23:24:42] Master Query Sent to (ET1.EVENBALANCE.COM) ?

Because since the manual update ours is using a different master server IP and working fine.

[11.21.2008 23:34:04] Master Query Sent to (ID2.EVENBALANCE.COM)
[11.21.2008 23:34:05] Received Master Security Information
Heh, only logging to cb6v6.log, and it doesn't have those lines in it ;x
its a pbupdate fking things up

[11.21.2008 22:14:25] Installing New Server Version
[11.21.2008 22:14:25] Preparing to Restart PB Server...

that was earlier.. then every few minutes it restarts after this..

[11.21.2008 23:24:42] Master Query Sent to (ET1.EVENBALANCE.COM)

which is the last line of the log every time just before it crashes
its troo, every server chrashed :S
same here ;(
lets kill PB... who needs it?
There are no cheaters in ET... we dont need pb
lol'd @ sarcasm
same ;p
Its Hype np4zygo
Same here, if this is pb :/ it gives me lagz and now this? Just priceless
ya, pb @ 30% cpu usage = priceless too...
Anyone still having troubles.. a manual pb update on the server followed by a restart of pb services and we've not crashed yet \o/
but pubs r crashing too :(((
I know.. it's a pub server i'm working with :P [ N e X u S ] ET - 03 - [ETPro 3.2.6]
for how long now? :P
You must belieeeve

image: oogway
im trying :P hand some greets to dave while your at it :D
hehe, lo mo :D

Btw just to add.

Update the pb server using the following.

dload the update specific to your server type.

windows servers -

linux servers -

and mac lol -

upload into the pb dir then rcon pb_sv_restart. Wont restart the server but will update from the file and start the pb services.

No probs as yet. crosses fingers.
where to put this file? .etwolf/pb/ ?
why nothing happens when i do /rcon password pb_sv_restart
It works, just doesnt send u any info about it.

Type rcon rconpassword pb_sv_ver

If you see the following then its fine and the update has worked.

^3PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.726 | A1382 C2.153) Enabled
ty for help it works
the server won't restart, just the pb services.. check your logs and you'll see it starts a new log when you use that command.
It seems good now
nC protests against se killerlist
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