pb problem...

After few seconds pb kicks me from the server :

image: 25350583su1

When I try to reinstal pnkbstrB.exe I have this error :

image: 20613971cd4

I turned off firewall and antivirus and I still have the same problem

did anybody fixed it ?
I`m waiting forward for any solution...
try format
try format
I know it is almost the best solution but i dont want to wast my time to do it over and over again :D
if vista = true then
just run pbweb.exe as admin
rus ET as administrator
disable shit UAC (who needs this shit anyways?)
run with xp sp2 compactibiltity (however i don't do this, and works fine for me)

no more solutions

end if
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reinstall pb pb pb pb pb pb pb pb pb
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