'The Dark Knight'

Downloaded the movie some days ago, watched it now. It's one of the better movies I saw last months. Tell me your feeling about the movie :)
yes a really good movie one of the best this year
didn't watch it - no feelings

e: just watched The Changeling - kewl justice film based on a true story
still waiting for a HD-quality
i hate that batman's voice, it made me feel sick, i actually puked :<
was nice, but then got too long and lost some of its climax
Good movie, nothing special though.
Not as good as my Death Knight!
how'd you level mining/herbalism up that fast? or did you actually went trough all of Azeroth first :x
herbalism is easy once you know where to grind. Mining is hard since there are not so many veins (basically i leveled it by smelting, used the money from herbalism (and its alot trust me :D) to buy ores).
the dark night sounds gay imo
Pretty good action. One good actor. 8(weak)/10.
was nice to watch !
One of the best movies ever.
May I ask you why? :>
Started to watch but closed it after 20mins^^
Just boring, had no fun while watching
(re)saw it some days ago.
The Joker is still my favorite character, yet I still think it was a hyped when it first came out. And like Killerboy mentioned the movie seemed a little bit too long the second time (it's about 2 and a half hours iirc).
I liked it : )
Awesome movie to be honest.
It was really good, probably one of the best action movies Ive ever seen (if not the best)
It's very average.
Thought it was good. Better than the last batman movies for sure. Somehow, I think the joker (forgot the actor's name) made it way more interesting for me.
heath ledger RIP
Completely overrated.
The begining was way better.
Joker's acting was pretty cool. Couldn't stand Batman being this rich spoiled motherfucker.
good but overrated
soooo overrated -.-
nice movie!
it was cool. ledger was really impressive imo ;o
if you are a batman fan like me, and compares this movie with other "superhero" movies, you will quickly notice that this is zeh best.

and it is a good movie idd, maybe thats why its top rated
I really liked it. It's really a great movie but still, I think it's overrated. However, imo Dark Knight and Batman Begins are the best Batman movies and maybe even the best super hero movies (Ironman was cool also).
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