pooling mouse rate @ XP sp3

I've tried hidusbf, usbmrs and other stuff and it doesn't work :||||||

I could only change on lower rate like 62MHz

my mous A4Tech X-750f


If the rate does not increase more than 125Hz, then you should
try DECREASE it to 31Hz or 62Hz.
If the rate does decrease, then the driver functions properly, however
or you mouse is not overclockable; or USBPORT.SYS was altered
or simply too new and so unknown to the program.

shit =|||||
don't get it but anyway

i am first ! :D
hidusbf always works. :o
100% agree but, Country: Poland
nice ass in profile :D
I knew you'd like it :D
blame your mouse....

if you use hidusb:

did you mark filter on device ? did you click on install service and mouse restart ?
yes i've marked
there are like 100 diffrent xp poling rate tools try the one from RaZiel or other random tools ... maybe use it in windows safe mode or something =P be creative
ok yoda master i'll be creative

will try @ home=P
X-750F is hardware capped to 125hz, meaning you can't increase it even with software.

Edit: The newer X-750s can do 500hz though.
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