ONOES CC5 journal

O hi!
im just back from Amsterdam, where i met Sandi, Tekken & Ipssik.
We were preparing for lan. Our objectives where:

We've gone through all, we bought it all, weve seen it all.
Now were ready to pwn as hard as online.
Further i want to make a greet to: JUIZE
because he failed and wasnt at Amsterdam.

Now im gonna sleep and prepare for a rape in the fif cabins.
be prepared.

edit: FOR THE ONES WHO THINK WE NEED WHORES! we didnt fucked for money, we just walked through!
hehe, fucking nerds have to pay from girls
heb ge der dan geen 6 ofwa?
he is still waiting lonely for u at amsterdam. but noboday is there :oooooooo
idd.. just went home :(
"proud to be a ho'-fucker" great, just great
since we're the first you tell i bet your so much of an e-thug even asked the whore for a 1on1 :<
cut the bullshit
Quotelast weekend while i was sitting with a few friends we talked a bit about CoD5 and that its WW2 again and one of my friends said: "damn this ww2 shit is getting boring .. ive freed the normandy in atleast 20 games and im tired of that shit... WE NEED A NEW WORLD WAR!!!!"

wanted to know what you guys think about this :o)
yes i asked a question about some new games and future of gaming and communitymembers opinion, because we actually talked 5 mins about CoD 5 cause it just came out...

easily compared to letting us know you let your wheenie in a monsterslut first time...

feel the differenece...
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