Is it just me or was the final a complete repeat of last year?. Old black bird with deep voice wins again....bOrInG. What has England come to..
lmao :d Mrs PezzaG ftw ! xxx
Who gives a shit what colour she is...she was good and deserved to win.
race police inc. Not just the fact shes black..... same old same old.
pretty hard not to when my whole household has it on..
Old black bird? fuck me if she's old i'll be drawing my pension soon
in comparison to the rest of em she is...
She's 20 mate the Jls lads where older then her only that little Irish tit was younger
RESEARCH INC. She looks old lol, ugly bitch. Same as Leona - face like a horse.
i know mate i can understand moaining about it as it does get abit old sometimes but she's 20 so not old Leon won last year and black girl has never won it before Leonna is quarta cast so all your points are abit off the mark saying that who gives a fuck MOTD is on now so all's good :p
quarter cast - il have to remember that one xD
Where did the KKK go?
I thought they both did well so couldnt really care who won but i wanted JLS to win :P
Eh you never heard of that term before?
half cast yea but not quarter cast - thats even better
My days mate your British and you have never heard that term well ill explain if a half cast sticks his shit stick in a white woman and has a baby its quarter cast simple :p
Aint 1/4Cast inbred in some sort of a sick way lmao
where is leon now? -__-
Xfactor has all the cool kids in it, why wouldnt he?
Would rather watch anime then 'The X-FACTOR'.
Didn't care who won as long as it wasn't Eoegahaneran, the guy is a shit singer

Makes Leon sound good and that's saying something
Always racist, they've been faking and rigging it since the beginning.

Sick of this racist shit, white people deserve fair standards, all black people sound the same tbh.
What the fuck? Why are brits on the interwebz usually such retards?
Don't be fooled it's not just Brits...
Girls Aloud show in the 1 hour break pwnd, fook xfactor!
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