Team UK

Vote for Starzi as team UK captain. Mostly because he is LAN proof and a cool guy! It would also mean a change then the usual rant between Meez/Waki/hentai/Hype and eVo, someone neutral perhaps?

"I wouldn’t play, but I would pick a team that is non-biased towards friends as we have seen in so many previous years, allowing me to create a much stronger team that may have a chance to win. I also would provide them with a captain, servers and support."
less cf journals, more etnation spam
Baggiez name has never been thrown into the UK NC Captain's hat before, maybe it's time they gave him a shot.
They only thing you would be selecting in the Line Up would be people interested in foot long turds!
If you would supply them a captain why would you bother to apply for captain :D
If you would apply them a captain why would you bother to supply for captain :D
So once the team is selected we can decide who’s captain and we can always change the captain selected if needs be
A team with 6 friends in can be stronger than a team with 6 skilled players who dont like eachother that much.
Il make them love eachother. Ever seen the film Remember the Titans?
Nope, But if you make them love eachother then good luck.
Only if you take hype in cause he fucking deserves it!
Hentai, ross, w3st , syk , griim , hype
theyd never play with hype
I disagree with R0SS and Hype
R0SS and Hype are really good players if you actually watch them...I hope your not just saying thsat because you hear what others say.
Played vs both of them, they're good, there is better.
guess you havent seen R0SS play on cc5 with w3st and Griim then, very good combination.
cheers pim :)
You can't judge them because you played against them.
u prolly havent seen R0SS in good shape :P
with good shape he meant the firedragon !
hype is better than the majority of et players
Proper lineup there, we've got ourselves a winner!

Quotetheyd never play with hype
LavOd for team NL after an astonishing LAN performance! <o/
mudixza as fop instead of hype; rest agree
just my opinion :)
meez is way better than hype in any way, and people hate him less ;D
Couldn't be because you're in the same clan could it? *SHOCKER*

did you not see that screenshot of the crossfire comments he posted???????? hes totally liked now, all the skilled players are supporting him!!!!!!

India MEEZ for UK Captain
gl starzi, my favourite applicant so far.
aye, slurpin yer ma up, ya dick.
only if u take hentai in aswell! :D
You got my vote.
meez for captain o:
no thnx
As long as hype isn't in it.
Well, after he has chosen the team, yes.
India MEEZ FOR United Kingdom UK CAPTEN
and what exactly happened to Sheep again?
hype as captain = fail

gogo starzi !

in my left pocket
go on xfire !
doesn't work !
Best UK lineup:

United Kingdom Griim
United Kingdom w3st
India Meez
United Kingdom hentai
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom syK

From active players and considering who (sort of, not in meez's case, everyone dislikes him) likes who. Dare to prove me wrong.
pansy > hentai
because pansy can play rifle ;)
mud is better then meez
Mud is good indeed, but I haven't played that much against him. I'd put him in though together with crumbs as backup if he feels like it. But whatever!
in that case you haven't seen meez play in ages meight ;D
Couldn't be because you're in the same clan could it? *SHOCKER*
indeed, i'm one of the few that actually has seen him play and know how good he is. we didn't get 5th in EC without perfo because we all suck :(
add hype lulz
nobody would play with him
agree with this dude
Who ever gets it goodluck and dont make the same mistake in previous years by picking the same or very similer players who cant be arsed to practice.
Dave says (23:46):
i am 2pac
Personally i think you need someone willing to take the job on seriously.

Waki or Baggiez for me
Would be the best bet mate or both together
just don't get hype in
british pride
Can't think of two words which make me want to puke more than those two.
he's applying to be manager, just like evo was in the past 2(?) nationcups iirc
Starzi as captain
or flame dragon r0ss
:D. I dont think i could be bothered with all the shit that goes with uk captain - plus i would pick myself in the team and some of the uk community dont think im good enough :D
Tbh mate fuck what other people think no matter who gets it people are going to moan about it half the fuckers who use this site talk bollocks and claim others are not good enough when there pretty dogshit themselves, if you think your up to it then go for it mate what harm can it do.
Just a game anyway!
you wont make it past group stage. no matter who is the captain.
i think you should be saying that about your own team, what with most of your lineup going to the army as I understand it
nah its only mind
hype tha pownnn!
thanks, but no thanks.
anything with azi and potty is win.
You have no idea how much I know. There are a hell of a lot of Scottish people who are proud to be British, and they consider themselves British first, Scottish second. They praise the monarchy and embrace the Union Flag.

I find that kind of Nationalism pretty fucking disgusting to be honest. I don't know if it's just a coincidence that most of the people I've met who fit into the description above, just happen to be bigots or racists.
Scotland Max
England Adacore
Scotland pedro
England Fusen
Ireland sol
England Bulld0g

Winner. Core of UKs greatest sg + cheatbuster for when they plays the Pols + adacore for the mortar ('n the config change) + max to make a frag movie of the epic victory ^_^

England foonr/nellie as backup maybe?
Knew the flaming of Pols would get you out :oxp
Never understood taking pride in things you've had no influence or close association with ~/

Patriotism etc just confuses me. I guess it's an upbringing thing. Conditioning someone into feeling pride for something such as nationality.

I don't know too many 'patriots' who weren't the offspring of 'patriots'
Indeedy, never had that upbringing either, damn middle class liberal parents... it's the whole "what to take pride in"... street? town? county? country? continent? Generally those that haven’t though about it with the deepest sense of patriotism o/

Be content in the good, do what you can to change the bad... 'n people confusing support for a national team with patriotism is another that myths.
I work in a hotel. Believe me I've had to watch a bunch of fucking cunts toasting the queen before a banquet countless times. Wearing Union Flags on their bowties and literally telling each other how they're British first.

I wouldn't expect you to know that though.
Well can you articulate what makes you 'proud' ?

Or is it "I just am" ?
They weren’t that nice to ‘deserters’… :O) And taking pride in his service, his achievements, which I’ve no qualms about. I too am proud of my auntie that served in the first Gulf War, but it's not the same as patriotism.

What makes Britain great?
Aha food, scenery ‘n Shakespeare… that ol’ chestnut.

Seriously, think about it. One can enjoy those things without being patriotic.
QuoteOr that my grandad fought in the second world war

So did mine.

QuoteI take pride in that fact and so should you or today we would be speaking German instead of English.

Be proud of your grandad then. Why are you proud of being British though? Britain by no means won the war alone. You know what's fascinating? The guy who cracked the Enigma code - Alan Turing - was jailed in the 60's for engaging in homosexual activity, which was illegal at the time, and officially considered a mental illness. Nice to see how this great country treated him...right? The outed him, shamed him...and he committed suicide. Although the circumstances are somewhat suspicious.

You love British history? Check out the British Army's involvement in Ireland? There's a lot to love in there...
I think you need to revise some British history, since you said you love it so much. It can't hurt.

EDIT: I'm not saying he was killed by the government. Suicide is enough for me. They finished his career and drove him to it...
Something to do with the navy but I’m not sure. But then flags are irrelevant so that’s no biggie!

Irrational pride, an unjustified & harmful sense of superiority ‘n a longing for association with events you’ve played no part in.

I guess patriotism in itself isn’t a terrible thing… (ignoring the sense of superiority) sadly generally seems to manifest itself in ugly ways, tip o’ the ice berg ‘n that…
Now the truth comes out...

Thanks, I don't need to ask any more questions.
As said above, for those that don't think.
Nations are an artificial concept anyways, making it all the more irrelevant ^^
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