Starcraft2 Battle Report

Good morning Ladies,

dunno if someone posted this already, it's a few days old already:

Back in 1999/2000 i started my "online-career" with Starcraft... reminds me of some "good old times" ... and i must say the game really looks great ! Well units look a bit slow compared to original starcraft, but no heroes and shit like in Wc3 at least :D

So what are you up for this weekend? I gotta go to my older brothers place today, fixing his PC... and tonight i think i'l stay home and watch United States of America Evander Holyfield vs Russia Nikolai Walujew !

Enoy ur weekend ! Cu around !

shoutouts to:
Anonymous Saskia, Austria Tobias, Scotland annajr, Fiji PaRzi, Anonymous Fasolka, Sweden iiky, United Kingdom Pansy, Anonymous stiff, Finland shepherd, Zimbabwe FaTTony,Lithuania zerender, Germany wEAK, Denmark Arachon, Brazil Rafiki, Portugal ag0n, Rotterdam / Netherlands Ronner, Anonymous JZaK, Anonymous cRz_, Tanzania mens0, Brazil bigmassa and Baden-Württemberg juICE

#Noorgrin #rockit
*edit* 1th jippiejahey!

guten morgen kackbratze ;)

I will celebrate my Birthday with some friends today first at my home and later we let the party starting at the club ;)

Ah yeah and i used to play some Starcraft aswell! Still got my key and stuff so if you need someone to play, i'm a kinda good Zerg player ;]
HB Timmäääää !

enjoy ur birthday !

i'm a toss player btw :D
thx thx :)

Just contact me if you feel for a game :)
why every Russian are named Nikolai?
Why every frenchie eats frogs?
i don't , dont know for others.
looks nice indeed!
good morning!! first of all hb! to duKe :D
bf will drive home today, so i'm all alone until tuesday :(
but nevertheless im really looking forward to my date with Anonymousschnee tonight <333 yaiii. nothing else is planned so far... we'll see.
PaRzi alone at home and Schnee comes for a visit... RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ... ehm sorry, my fantasies just took control over me ! :D
i <3 starcraft.. and sc2 needs to go trough a lot of balancing... cant wait for the beta
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