What does santa bringt now ?

I get a Steelseries SIBERIA full-size headset
Risk and cheval thing some skool stuff and a kalendar and a history book of second War
gratz :)
nice..for you
I was like: wtf

Then I read:Age: 14 ( 2 June 1994 )

And I was like: Oooooh ok
arent u like the same age?
got that headset from my gf's parents as xmas gift :D
520 € Netherlands Cash

a sweater and a gold necklace gloves and the usual stuff!
r your parents liek rich or summin?
well i would call it med+ :D
well mine r low+ max then :<
Razer Copperhead Orange, Laptop, new Desktop, Armani Jacket, D&G Ring, Chocolate, New I-Connection, and 100$
Sweater, bathrobe, socks, underwears, giftcard to few stores, candy and a bottle of wine.
Razer mantis control, cloths, $$
Still low+ :/
not much really, only a new watch and a bugatti
same... happy new year
My Dad is the guy of the Playboy Mansion in Germany ;P
Whiskey, red wine, few books (all for my taste ofc, because I did wrote to Satan), hoodie, some money and most importantly, new pair of Reiska's!

image: reino
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