Vista SP1 > XP SP3

Tests have proven it , so gtfo :D

image: phpThumb.php?src=1210839566.1732

So vista has the proggies , looks , DX10 and also the performance ?

Bye bye XP :D

who cares
because a random site noone knows said so, ok
oh yeah pcmark is crap too then right :D
if said so, why wouldnt i believe it?
who gives a shit, nerd.
Your mother gave a shit ...

... on your head
She whispered to me that not.
Try to inovate in your joke, nerd.
I know that you are commin from belgium, nobody is perfect, but pl0x, just try.
Weak comeback bro :)

Having to resort to something that's completely out of hand of the person in question ...

Not that I mind being Belgian ^^

Though you seem like the type of person that talks though on the internet because he gets beaten up irl :/

Good luck with that man
Saying weak comeback when yourself say "your mum" is very smart.

And, yeah. i'm not your bro
sry but Yakumo > Mikoto :<
Yakumo & Eri > *
But since it's a mate of mine that created the account, he didnt know that fact :<
hf with microsoft in your back. :>
tbh , windows 7 is gonna bash both so :DdddddDd
PCMark? You meen the Program that says a CPU gets 47% faster just by changing it's ID Name?
vista suck wait for the new windows
vista is indeed faster than XP but is still a failed project, windows 7 will save our ass's
they can suck my dick with Windows Vista even if its 1000x faster
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