Maybe cup 3on3 #v2 admins are nice

So, we joined a cup called "Maybe cup 3on3 #v2" and our opponents just happened to be admins named "Fuzion JUSTHIGH". Cup made by Sprajt , who was playing aswell with 2 other guys, one was named "rumun3k" and the other I think was named "skilled" because he's online on the irc aswell, but not sure. Anyway, EmeRica went to the server and it lagged hard ( polish server, obviously ) and he got kicked for about 5 times for some reason ( server kicked, not yet them ) and we asked, if we could play on another server. They said NO, because they were the admins and they did not give a fuck. So, we all came to that crappy server to play the game and EmeRica started to lag. Suddenly 2 secs 999 and then back to ~98-... . Due to that, EmeRica whined a little, calling them names for which we all got muted. Now, every time we killed them, they said we are unhitable, using wallhack and aimbot for some occasion aswell. We made fullhold @ braun finally and they asked for our demos, which we were willing to give them after the game obviously. Then next round started and after few attempts we got the flag and planted main. They took their places and tried to hold us back, but when we got thru and took them full we all got kicked and they wont say why and suddenly on the homepage, they were thru to the next round.

Hopefully I wrote in a readable english and the reason why I whine here is, to inform others, to avoid the cup or when you get them as your opponents, just try not killing them so often, they really don't like that.
thats the best part of making a cup
inform the police ;S
sprajt is a lowskilled whiner, retard and ex-cheater.
you should have known that before!
before play look who's the admin. in the 80% admins are retard.
just try not killing them so often, they really don't like that. i lol'd xD
Sprajt is a busted cheater himself

lets trust more polish 1daycups with shitty damaged admins
sprajt wnb Spray
the reason why some ppl are organizing cups is in their cf profile. So, they just cant let anybody win their cup :) get use to it, (some) ppl are pigs...
btw, nice english, but it was understandable and readable
the same happened to us at v1ce cup ( admin: sprajt)
-they even where playing with a cheater ...
stupid thing for admins to play in their own cup
and why do you play in those cups? even more retarded!
~6 months ago there was like 3..4 Oneday cups per week. But now there is 3..4 Per day. And atleast 50% of admins are retards.
I miss u and ur cups!!!!
Those admins are fucked up, tricycle reached final and they put themself in tricycle line-up on gamestv :D:D
typical polaks
we played on the same horrible server as well.
i was lagging 24/7.
But i thought it was me.
rly gayadmins/server indeed
Ah, cheer up boys. Nowadays everything's possible. Look at the USA for instance - they've got a black president.
i cant belive i read the WHOLE thing !!
That's why cup admins shouldn't play!

Everytime admins have a team in their own cup they do that!
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