WOOO best start for a new year

Just came back from 1 week of vacation to the montain and im back to find that an assh*le steal my f*cking motocross!!!!! happy news years gunner!
happy new year!!!
http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qjTzTIORNio If you can do that il pay for all your drinks at cc6!!
the jump isnt really hard , but the landing ... its an other deal 8)
lol gunner do it ;)
np, just gimme a new bike and the speed i need to be at the end of the jump , its just a matter of math and having enought balls to do it :)
oh please, the landing will hurt like fuck if you don't land it right ;x
life is unfair..
gunner :OooOo u always have this kind of problems... didnt they steal it already once 8D ?
yes last year 5 days before my bday!!!!! now its the 2nd time so ----->25%augmentation on my insurance , so nice ....
"the problem is..."
Happy new year ;)
let's blame sol
One GuNnEr to smoke it all... HNY mofo!
we can share mine :>
shits happen. Next time buy a cycle.
life's a bitch
go VDM gunner !
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