New PS3 game

are there any good, new PS3 games? I prefer a RPG or smthng, like final fantasy or kingdom hearts. Any suggestions?
New kingdom hearts was only on PS2 right? and I cant find any release date of FF versus, you've got any idea when it will be released?
valkyria chronicles !
i heard Valkyria Chronicles was a great jap rpg, but can't broaden your knowledge more about the game as I'm not a fan of j-rpgs..

But umm having a look at the future you could get a lot out of these:

LittleBIGPlanet (released)
skate2 (22.1.2009)
Killzone 2 (27.2.2009)
Heavy Rain (tba)

But yeah there's a massive lack of rpg's on ps3, x0 is running wild strong with the exclusives fable and fable2..
Also, according to Phil Harrison 2009's going to be a year of MMO's for ps3, but who knows whether they be rpg mmos or something else.

Some upcoming RPGs:

Eternal Sonata click meh
Rise of the Argonauts click meh
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel click meh
Alpha Protocol click meh
cod 5
fifa 2009
Killzone 2 in 1 month.
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Eternal Sonata is a jrpg, that's what you are looking for. Valkyria Chronicles is not a jrpg but a turn-based startegy game. If you want a western rpg, get fallout 3. I didn't play any of these btw
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