ET Crashes for unknown reason?

Yo dawgs!

So my problem is:

I downloaded ET Ultimate Installer 1.5, installed ET, updated PB with pbsetup 3.4. So far so good right?

So after connected to a server ET instantly crashes and windows error message pops up. From console I can read following text before clicking 'Don't send' on that error window: "PB kicks for name spamming and non..." something lvl 1 bla bla.

- MB: Asus M2N
- Prosessor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+
- gfx: Gigabyte's Radeon HD 4670
- 4gb ddr2 800mhz

Windows XP pro SP3

Need help!

thank you forehand!

EDIT: I want it to work so that I can play it too! so uninstalling is not an option.
EDIT: When I launch ET, and select 'Host game' in the menu, ET does not crash and works fine. But when connected to some server it instantly crashes.

Problem solved. Problem was f-secure client security 8.0
deinstall ET

problem solved. It won't crash anymore 100% !

no problem.
Reinstall ET, maybe reinstall your graphics drivers
reinstall your face
Had same problem then I fixed it, can't remember how. But now it's back again. BTW, I used that POS installer too :D
a pb kick shouldn't make ET crash.
no other stability problems with your computer?
No. I assembled this with my friend last in december, and I've had no problems at all. Far cry 2, gtaIV etc works fine, no crashes with any game I've played so far except ET. I've updated graphics drivers and done everything I can think of. I've reinstalled ET, tried to updat pb in various ways and still it crashes when connected to server. And when playing ET so that I 'host game' (start my own server so to speak, it doesn't crash! That's odd to me.
do you have elisa tietoturva? or f-secure antivirus? They had some update few months ago that doesnt like pb. It makes ET crash exactly as you explained. If you are able to play on non-pb servers then its pb and f-secure interfering. (only way to fix that is terminate this important f-secyre process from processes list though this stops f-secure from working)
I have f-secure client sec 8.00. And now changing it to something else.
i had the same problem with elisa tietoturva, deleted it and got comodo firewall + avast antivirus and ET works again.
xp sp3 is ur reason
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