Croatia handball

What are your thoughts so far if you are watching? Yesterday a part of the arena in split was evacuated, during cro-spain game, because the fans were jumping and that cause some improvised montage chairs almost to collapse. Can't wait for the second phase, the atmosphere is getting heated up :) gonna bash Sweden tonight.
Croatia suVi will rape em.
handball is for homos
homosexuals are gay

imo they can be lesbians too
no..being lesbian is only a phase
sure, now invite me to your heineken
only homos play handball
and kebabs? :DDD
imo only lesbian can criticise handball
soccer is kinda much more gay then handball is
i'll assume you don't think that only homos play football.

football hasn't been a good sport for years, i fuckin dislike it, watching it only when there's WC or EC and croatia plays, but even then it's a total piece of shit. the amount of acting/faking and bullshit that is going on in football is ridiculous and it's not a sport anymore, football has become a moneymaking tool and that's all what is it about, nothing to do with fair competition. people laugh at bad-acting-collection videos at youtube, but it is actually pathetic. tell me, if this sport isn't homo, then what is:

there is almost no acting/fakes in handball, a team that is better wins

EDIT: i'm not saying there was no fakes by croatian players, there sure was and i usually stop watching a match after seeing one performed by our players. if i were a coach of any football team, i would kick every single faker from the team, no matter if the referee thought it was a real foul or not.

to make long story short: football used to be good, but today it can't even be called a sport.
Saying footbal isn't a sport is the same shit as saying Handball wouldn't be one or only 4 gays.
i didn't mean LITERALLY not a sport.. you can understand what i mean, but let me rephrase it:

football that you see on TV is not a good sport anymore.
I agree with the part that there is too much diving nowadays, in addition football rules are too soft, especially in Germany.
i will watch germany - polen :>
thompson - geni kameni
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You recognized the look?
ruzni dresi
The guy behind has a boner.
We've lost to MacedoniaMacedonia :/ but thats a nice show:) You will bash them easy:)
Ivano Balic FTW!!!!!!!!!

image: gal8158
hah he cant even play 60mins with all cigarettes he smokes:D
look forward to Croatia versus Sweden

Germany pwning Poland atm <33
see you ine the final
no both teams wont be in final.
blasphemy öÖ
I would grant Croatia the win of the tournament, if Germany fails before the final. Above all, I am happy we made it to the next stage, without any problems, even the team changed a lot, whereby the expectations were pretty low.
France HANDBALL > all =]
Handball is like only sport in finland where swedish speaking part is the majority xD

so, gay sport.

and spain wins
carfire. Go die in one :(
spain lost to south korea :D
shitty sport
see my reply above. at least it's a SPORT.
Quote by h1tmAn BALLS!
Denmark gonna win again
o i heard gay?
To bad they don't show it in the Netherlands, any live stream availeble?
ga wie is de mol kijken ofzo!
done, ik gok op dennis
i enjoy watching handball!
dsf 20.45 !

croatia win !!!!!!!!!
Germany <3
» uber.player =)
hows russia doing there?
Out of the tournament.
>_< shit
i expected something better from our team
Currently watching Denmark against Norway. Should be a good game, though.
didnt watch last 2 days too bad tbh. i rly like to watch it okay maybe cause my bf is playing it too.. but gg's so far.
for what team he plays?
Denmark ALL THE WAY!
more 2day and we are first :)
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