I lol'ed

I was like this.

Then I lol'ed

Private message : TanQ <3
dont fucking push down my journal
edit: wtf hahahahhaha :D
Nice haircut btw xDDDDD
dont fucking push down alexL's journal
edit: wtf hahahahhaha :D
amazing tbh
Yeah this is the right word to describe him
lol how long it took for him?
Sword why are you posting pics of me? :(
wow respect for that. i guess i takes ages...
someone know how long it took him?
probly alround 3/4 hours on the surgery table.
no i meant the whole thing not only surgery
I dont understand the French above it, but tbh i dont think he could workout in the beginning. So i guess it must be sucked away with surgery, or take all the food he's got in his house, and lock him up.
QuoteIl s'appelle David Smith et il pesait 286 kilos. Il a perdu ensuite presque tout son poids en trop grâce aux exercices. Après son amincissement miraculeux les chirurgiens ont du lui enlever 14 kilos de peau flasque. En gros, il est redescendu à 88 kilos. Pas mal hein ?
Avant de commencer son entrainement il devait se peser sur une espèce de balance pour les voitures parce qu'une balance normale ne pouvait pas supporter son poids.

no surgery at all, just for the nutant skin
I dont understand shit of french :( always failed that class.
he practiced, the nutant skin was removed by surgery
in that case, much respect.
in the last couple of pictures it looks like hes getting fat again
From urtier to movie star!
i actually dont think its funny... im rather impressed :)
its impressive but people shouldnt allow themselves to get that big in the first place.
it really isnt funny. its a great work from that guy getting such thin.
my respect man
all my respect for his iron will !
decent journal at last...wp :!
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