mIRC problem..


I had a virus on my computer, which has now removed, but I have two problems..~

Firefox would not start, which was fixed by using the installer again, I tried doing the same with IRC but no luck, it just wont start.. I have reinstalled it, deleted the program files directory, reinstalled again, no luck.. also when i try to use my old installer, an older version, it tells me the setup file is corrupt, even after trying another one.

i click on it , an eggtimer comes up for a second, and nothing else, there is no mirc.exe process running either

any ideas ??
fucking terrible
you have been butt-fucked
only by ur mum =[
uh noez!
PaRzi, always helping people in trouble!
u got it man!
PaRzi, always adorable!
seams like reinstal os only :o, +next time install good antivirus 8D
Smash it to the Moon Joe :)
have you tried deleting all the reg entries after uninstalling it (maybe with regcleaner or ccleaner or manually) and then trying? Or maybe your antivirus or firewall is blocking it.
just trying the reg cleaner now.. its not antivirus or firewall.. cheers
buy a new pc :p
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