ET FPS Problem

First my System:

CPU: 2 x Intel® Pentium® 4 530J, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
MotherBoard: Mirco-Star MS-7046
Sound: C-Media High Definition Real Panel
Graphics: ATI Radeon X1600 Series (256 MB)
Memory: 2048 MB (DDR SDRAM)

Well, its easy to discripe. If i gonna play ET i got only 20-30 FPS but just after 1 min on the Server. At the start i got still 100-125 FPS! First i Thought about it could be my OS, so i formated my HDD. Did not change anything... So i switched my current GFX (Radeon X1600) with a weaker ATI Radeon X1550 (265 MB) just to check if maybe my current GFX is broken. (Additional Info: I think it overheated once so i change the Coolingpaste. Nothing Changed!) And still i got only 20-30 FPS on every Map. (Ofc Radar is more worse ^^) I ordered a ATI Radeon HD 4850 some days ago cuz i think all the problems are related due to the probably broken Graphic Card. Only thing what makes me wonder is that actually i should get, with my System + the ATI Radeon 1550, atleast! 60-80 FPS.

I tried to set the Priority to High. I Cleaned my PC out of dust. My GFX and CPU are not Overheating. I reinstalled PB 20 Times... So i'm really disappointed cuz i have no idea what to do :(

Well, if anyone still got an idea or maybe someone want to check my Config (Its in my Profile) for some problems, i would be really glad if you can help me.

Thx in advance and sorry for my bad english ^^

[This Journal is also used as an Excuse for my bad performance on the last ETTV matches with dESIRE!]

ask NorwayEirik :DDDDDDD
ati is insta fail !
on a more serious note, you already formatted so that's no option, try to clean your pc in the inside with a vacuum cleaner, look for the latest drivers. it can also be pb related, delete pb folder and install it again.
Mate, even if i see you want to help me. This all happend already otherwise i wouldnt ask for help ;)
well what can it be then!? go to a different o/s lols.
timmy, then tell everyone what youve done so far!!!! Including that stuff...
I think you just need to tip a Kölsch into it...
i dunno rly but u can try [ger]Taskmanager > Prozesse > Et.exe > Priortät festlegen > Hoch
also bei mir sind dann die fps lags weg[/ger]
Did that, it helps me to play with 30 instead of 15 fps ^^
i have the same prob with another configuration...
35 sekunden respawntimer.. wutt?! D:
ET_beach woot woot ;]
hab mit deiner cfg auf radar mit gras 125 fps.. D:
yo, die is ansich auch sehr nice ^^
LUL - NOT!!! wooooot .. wie da cg_gunframe 17 drin war un ich das nich gesehn hab.. :O omGgGgG D:
well mybe something is wrong with ur powerblock? my m8 had same shit... his powerblock cooler was fucked up.. so he bought new one and now fps is back :)
I will get a new Powersupply maybe this evening to test that! Good idea so far
installed good mobo/cpu drivers? I had the same problem a while ago and fixed it by updating those drivers (during game the cpu uses more resources than f.e. warmup etc, and there seemed to be some bad communication between motherboard & processor)

hope this helps, have no idea what else it could be
problem is that there are no proper drivers for my CPU as far as i know. Just some support drivers. But they are kinda useless. About the Motherboard, i dunno which one i should use there ;€
download cpu-z

run it

check which mobo manufacturer and model you go

google the drivers

Found that in a forum mybe it helps u :

Maybe your problem is that your games' FPS are limited by the monitors refresh rate (RR)! Therefore you gotta set it higher and your FPS goes straight up!

Sounds easy ain't it? But it isn't in XP!
XP limits the RR to 60 Hz! If you have a ATI Radeon Graphics Card its easy to set that limit higher!
Just go to display\settings\extended\display and click on your monitor!
There you should see the monitor's properties.
Just set the maximum RR higher (maybe the resolution as well) and there you go !
I got 100 Hz and a resolution of 1280x1024. It was good in the past with the same settings and drivers.
rmode 8 got fucked up aspect ratio :'( its 5:4 instead of 4:3
Run MemTest to check the state of the RAM.
Run CPU-Z to check your Processor.
did that, all stats are normal ;€
To be honest then mate if you have truly done everything you say you have and nothing is wrong then I am lost as to why you're getting drops. Unless your PCI-E port is damaged...
Well, i thought about it too. But to damage a PCI-E slot you need to do some wierd stuff like plug off the GFX while the System is running (even if the Supporters say its possible i dont trust in it, so i would never do it)
Power spike could cause damage, as could a fault with the gpu.
I hope its not this problem. Cuz then i need a new Motherboard ;[
had a lot of lags as well.. changed ram (now it's 2-2-2-5-1) much better..not perfect though
do you have windows defender?.
my fps drops to 20-30 too, if i have it on.
Nope, i dont use it
soz, can't help you then ;o
what overschie said, try to disable your antivir, mine keep deleting my half wc3 folder and causing my wc3 to crash serveral times :/
got the same system in the past, but only 1 cpu. played et with around 100 fps. not optimal but better than 30 fps...

try to lower your windows design and raise performance :)
you got xp I guess?

try to defrag your hdd, delete your old demos and get a decent config
I have the standart Windows design. Not the ugly XP thingy ^^

Well, why should i defrag my HDD if i formated it 5 days ago?

And dont blame my CFG!!! ;]
don't have a clue how does your cfg look like
ever seen pbscreens of you?

something like this?
woot? That is my cfg? ^^

surely not! ;]
no, I just want to know how your pbss look like. maybe you should update your drivers. if they aren't updated, it looks like on the pic for example. haz also to do with antialiasing
do you have a lot of cvar-backup-files in etpro-folder? :P
I blame your OS
What is with the GFX / Mainboard drivers?.

Send us a Screen from the GFX Driver Settings!.
"Sound: C-Media High Definition Real Panel"

maybe thats the problem
got the same shit
Just out of question, do you use Xfire?
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