i am still a geek at heart

lookie look. i splashed my student loan )so now i have no money( on a new monitor \o/

i have been living on nothing but bread, milk, bacon and beer in the last few days. but it has been worth it. i found a Samsung SM2032BW 20", widescreen, flatscreen monitor reduced on amazon for £115. its so good!

before )for the last 7 years( i had an old 21" CRT Samtron that took up my whole desk and you could see the frequency in. i know my new one isnt top of the range but I discovered that my ancient dell has DVI output, whereas before i was using RGB. according to my very tech savvy next door neighbour, DVI is pretty much HD. and it fucking seems it too :D

plus it looks most sexual on the desk. shiny black body, blue lights, mmmmmm

im currently using 1680x1050 resolution and it looks sweet. highly recommended if you're looking to upgrade !

they've since put the price back up to £205 hehe

view fullsize to see actual screensize

image: widemx2
Text to long closed after headline :(
I miss you foonr. Why are you never online? :(
i am always on the facebooks
I hope its a legal CS4! ;)
I hope its not a legal CS4! ;)
no, shit, are you able to send me a CS4 crack/serial generator ? leeds block all torrent programs and i dislike rapidshare

this would be mighty
that's illegal!
there are enough better hosters - bluehost for example...
I smell sarcasm, but here's a keygen anyway
I got this yesterday! http://uk.lge.com/products/model/detail/widescreen_w2261v.jhtml

Full HD (1080p/1920x1080), HDMI, DVI, etc. You should have got it :( http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=W2261V&oe=utf-8&hl=en&scoring=p

Being the nerd that I am I can see myself wasting my student load on a gaming laptop. :D
oh i dont know websites like that. but i do know that samsung are generally better than LG in colour terms. my mate and i went to PC world and currys the other day where they have all the screens side by side, you could see the superiority
But this is full HD! 1080p!
yes i know :( well done :(

the lesson of this story is to be on crossfire more methinks
So, you getting a refund? :P
most probably the samsung model you were looking at was well calibrated or had a better panel, pretty much 100% 90% of under 300€ LCD's have TN panels, which have inaccurate colors (but fast response rate)
im happy with my purchase :)
yeah, i find nothing wrong with TN panels aswell, i have a samsung 2253lw myself, just saying though. :p
DVI is basically the same quality as VGA, very minor diffrences + some other features.
HD depends on the movie resolution not on the monitor. :P
don't piss in my pocket and tell me its raining !
dvi = digital
vga = analogue

digital signals are a lot more reliable

when you use a vga input to an lcd monitor, your are converting the digital signal from your graphics card to an analogue signal which is then sent through the vga cable and reconverted back to a digital signal when it reaches your monitor

it's much simpler to take a digital signal, transmit it digitally and then the monitor needs no signal conversion
yeah but theres very little quality diffrence though
you need more buma in me zak
got 2253bw

rox! :)
looks nice. seems like its really worth it.
enjoy :o)
Hello there foonr, congratulations with you new monitor!
the screenshot looks sexy.

I have a question though, in your bookmarks in opera, does it ever occur that the little site icon disappear if you click it multiple times in one session?

It does here, pretty annoying seeing the fact that I only have 'images only' on :(

image: hm

Like this!
opera still has lotsa bugs
if you change the l in lotsa to a q you have a rockband x)
if you change the lotsa in lotsa to scrubs you have a fucking funny program
how many friends have you got on facebook?
382 apparently
basically foonr gets all the birds :-)
I beg you ...
I don't even have time to think about that, these exams are killing me! :<

image: 18420158
firefoxxxxx roxxxxxxxxx
operrrrrrrra suxxxxxxxxx
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