rizz=homo.avi (repost for reposts repost)

So I finally got the video from my old mate, t0psu :)

here original old post: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=9945

here video: http://www.own3d.tv/watch/11506


while you are at it, watch another old video that t0psu gave me :)
that: http://www.own3d.tv/watch/11507
The funny thing is that he dies 70% of the time...
keep in mind that he's playing vs. ECrosby a.k.a crosby.INC a.k.a ecmikko -,-
ECrosby a.k.a crosby.INC a.k.a ecmikko: better than a wall-hack.
forgot to add: NC crosby
n1 vid :D
didn't see anything suspicious, sound + comm's

you can make such avi's from any EC player? does it means they all cheat?
I am surprised you didn't see something suspicious. There is a difference between the suspicious actions in the .avi, and the 'suspicious actions' you are likely to see from an EC skilled player.

- He has fucking dreadful movement.
- He doesn't lean at all. I don't think he leaned once in 2.15 minutes.
- His aim is dreadful. Most players, high skilled as well, cannot aim naturally. They aim with a combination of good movement, intelligence and reaction. He has none of those attributes.

The number of mistakes he makes is laughable, and his 'skill' has nothing to do with good comms.
wolfcam doesn't show lean!
Didn't read the original journal so forgive my mistake!
i think he was being sarcastic!
Probably not :'))))))))
they dont look that obvious after watching it twice, bit weird but not bannable. need more demos to be sure!
OH MY FUCKING GOD... has it really got this bad in professional et? lol :\ I guess this guy is not banned right?
as if its necessary, but I have a demo where u can wolfcam him little more if someones interested on recording it.
welcome on crossfire where normal players are hackers and news like this
are normal

really n1ce.
vegeee :love:
he seems kinda confused every now and then
the part with "gotta hide a bit after that" (about 0:30 i think) or whatever on supply seems like a wolfcam bug since he was being shot back by someone, i think wolfcam didnt render the enemy he was shooting at and it looked like he was shooting at the guy behind the wall. didnt anyone else notice the enemy tracers and knockback? putting that in the movie is just misleading, cheat or not
He was being shot by the guy at west, the tracers you saw were his own (tracers cannot be removed in wolfcam, since it's an etpro feature).
you're wrong, the guy at west was still at the door a second before he got shot and the knockback isn't coming from west, also the tracers obviously aren't his as they're moving towards him (some of them are his)
I guess you're right, he got hit by only 2 bullets, so I didn't notice at first.
nothing weird in it
jetro alike.
omg what a homo, ban.
ban that fucker
didnt see anything obvious...
Some scenes are a little bit strange but can happen to everyone, and he made mistakes which most people with wh won´t do I guess.
Lol obvious, c'mon dont be stupid this is clear lol
why u keep posting it its like the 6th time 8D
nah nothing special. I see wrost obivous actions on Crossfire and ppl still play on cb\esl. Names aren't necessary.
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