croatian derby

Croatian football league starting after the winter break this weekend with the biggest derby Hajduk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb on Sunday night. I'm very sad cause i couldn't get tickets. Only 1500 were avi for guest fans. I would say that this derby belongs within in the top10 in the world. I'm counting in the number of times it was played, the difference between the croatian north & south , the incidents 2months before the game until the match day and it includes the two best clubs in Croatian history. The current situation on the table is like this:

1 Dinamo 18 12 3 3 38 17 +21 39
2 Hajduk 18 12 2 4 31 17 +14 38
3 Šibenik 18 8 4 6 27 16 +11 28
4 Slaven Belupo 18 8 4 6 25 22 +3 28
5 Rijeka 18 7 4 7 21 20 +1 25
6 Varteks 18 7 3 8 25 27 -2 24
7 Zagreb 18 6 6 6 19 25 -6 24
8 Osijek 18 6 5 7 25 24 +1 23
9 Cibalia 18 6 3 9 17 31 -14 21
10 Croatia Sesvete 18 5 4 9 22 32 -10 19
11 Inter Zaprešić 18 4 6 8 29 33 -4 18
12 Zadar 18 3 4 11 13 28 -15 13

The atmosphere is being pumped up in the press for the last 2 months, 35000 crazy croatians and 2 less police to handle it out calls for medic help at the minor point. Every ex player said that they didn't see anything like this in the past years. Everybody is just hoping that there won't be any serious problems. Fireworks are being announced by fan groups ( torcida and bbb ) so it will probably take ~ 110mins to finish the game. I can't wait for the first whistle, starting to shake already. Usually the games are full with yellow and red cards but the situation is quite different now. Both teams invested a lot in bringing new players. From the Croatian national team : Robert Kovac, Mario Mandukic from Dinamo and Hrvoje Vejic, Vedran Subasic and Nikola Kalinic from Hajduk adds some quality to the game. Also Dinamo has a lot of foreign players like Czech Republic Miroslav Slepcika Brazil Sammir Argentina Calello and Ibanez who are all fantastic players.
So if you don't know what to do with yourself on Sunday evening, make sure you find a video stream with the game. You won't regret it, atleast you'll see how true supporting your team looks like.
dinamo will win.. np
only 12 teams ?

it must be like the old Ferencváros - Újpest derbies :)

Go Go Go Hajduk Split!
derbie dinamo wins ofc
didnt know they played football in croatia :DDDD
Flag: Italy
Country: UK

almost m8 :)
In that case hex4's video is more than painful.
we had butterfingers carson in goal who had a stinker
That victory can't even be compered to ours at wembley. You didn't saw the euro08 cause of it.
o well, atleast we have won the world cup once :)
but you have a match vs slovenia!
ezi for kalinic
hf robert kovac :<
I was in Sibenik for holidays, so.. go Sibenik! :D
3rd halftime will be the best one :D
partizan vs crvena zvezda > all
we need a carebutton :>
LOL, i've never heard of any of those teams. Anyways, i am not football fan, so maybe that's why. Basketball ftw <33333
lol, even i played higher then these noobs ;DDD
stoned + TEAM NL @ football tough
team nl ?
@ playstation np
nah, under 12 by then ! =D
quit football tough!
quit it too after 12 years

i was pro, but i broke my leg, and then they went Germany Hatred on me :(
i never played high...more the lower leagues...but i had fun and shot my 30-40 goals per season :)
sweet, someone needs to take a ball to cc6, i wanna pown some nerds :D
if i dont forget ill bring one :D
im sure i dont care
then don't write a comment. ......mongofag
u say it like its a bad thing
Beerschot - Antwerp biggest derby in the world
Old Firm
North London
North East

These Derbys > *
Overrated overhyped shite the manc, geordy & London derbies.
What's the difference between Madrid & Galactico?

And Boca vs River + East Bengal vs Mohun Baggan > all
Madrid is Athletico vs Real and galactico is Barca vs Real
Not really a derby in my eyes, but then again neither is Hajduk vs Zagreb. The two teams should have their rivalry based on their location and not on their achievements tbh.
I agree with you on the location part. But over the years, there is a huge hype over the big games with the big teams so in turn, they become derbys
real vs barca is for sure one of the most watched derbies on world
It's no derby.
that all depends on your definition of a derby. most people prefer the one based on level of rivalry, wether it be because of location or achievements.
yes, but unfortunately you can't decide what clubs base their rivalry on. you can have your own definition of a derby, but not of rivalry.
We're talking about a derby here, not rivalry.
what is old firm?
Rangers vs Celtic
last time was a big shit :(
ajax vs feyenoord plz
overreacting at it's best
gl hajduk!!!!
way to much to read
i dont give a shit :( 2 new msg @ inbox, both grammar corrections ¬.¬
Way too much.
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