Stop Motion

Just finished with our first stop motion clip. It isn't long or anything and we are "new to the scene", so don't expect too much :D
Hope you like it!

It's a bit blurry in youtube and sorry for the german text :-(

PS: I'm the one in the bed obviously
not bad ;)
funny xd
:D well done!

lol @ other movies u did :p
Not that bad, gratz :)
LOL nice :D
decent.. only the way that guy falls of his chair:> to ugly
Nice! How did you make the pictures of the can near the bed (when it goes up)?
we glued it up the bed kinda :p
haha nice :D
Well enjoyed watching it and it's certainly a great idea if I'll have to make a little movie for school in the future!
hehe, n1 :>
youre so sexy... *boner*
very nice !
schon ziemlich fett, gifty!! .. weiter so ;)
:D n1

edit: swiss emo! :DD
was funny but you really shouldnt hide all the stuff under your bed
awesome :D
Very nice!

What software do you use, my son has just started playing with stop motion (using his lego and bionicle models etc.)
good question, the mate of me was editing it :( so dno
nice 1 giftoz0rd
liked it :D
:DDDD nice gifty !
not bad, funny clip
hehe.. not bad mate!
thats some stupid shit :D, make something funny or amazing next time ;< like this :
orDian says ur funny guy xD
what program did u use?
dno actually, the mate of me did it!
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