New Year Eve 2009 By progamer

PRo gamer and his new year eve:O 300hs per second and 70cm in biceps and in chest 150cm

image: 52c5ce9b4cxp2

full size here ->
wow but what are you trying to prove? grow up maybe lol
haha what the fuck is that :DDD
its wiesiek from FF with his biceps and chest new year eve! with 300hs per sec
haha that pic is fucking funny :D looks like they had one hell of a NYE. this was mine :D FUC YEAH
is the one on the left a he or a she :S looks like sugar lee hooper imo
Grow up

NOT :(
1 LITR GRATIS.. poor polish ppl
gtfo fiutface
omfg its costa ! U get 2l and 1l is free ! <3 it !
rest of pic is gay as hell!
wat lol?
this ziomekpvp reminds me of malzcik
I don't get it? 0o
not funny.
how the fuck is this cunt not banned yet
dobre dobre na plecy padlem ze smiechu
nie tylko Ty ;))

ZIOMEKPVP : Jestes zalosny, i chuj mnie to obchodzi, ze teraz wbijesz do mnie z ekipa z basketballami :<<
I don't get your point.
Poprostu ziomekpvp nigdy nie widzial takich widokow
Tak to jest jak sie sylwka spedza na pukawce a w urodziny robi sie nowe cfg..
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