Friday/Caturday plans?

i need to go to College tommorow and i'll have 3 days out in a row, BUT LOL NO I NEED TO WAKEUP AT CATURDAY AND GO TO CLDG AND LEARN AND DO STUFF INSTEAD OF SLEEPING 17 HRS.

but ill still go out on caturday after cldg HEHE !!!: ) :) :)

image: hangvoer-caturday

Whats your plans for tonight/2mmorow night?!

caturday / random pic IT ALL MAKES SENCE
Gonna beat Kenny Glenn up
u are constantly getting a bigger retard
plz baste urself behind the other cb admins
don't forget to film it
I'll be doing mugs job, that means driving with friends to club without drinking!
Fazar my empty thrive!
drinken/smoking/trippin my planning :D

same plans :D
xtc 3 pills :d. you?
you know what im talkin about! =D
not rly.. in summer at open airs maybe but i dont need it for clubbing
thats not trippin :O im gonna take these:
image: PhilosophersStones
well they take u into a trip, like lsd :)
what do you do with them to trip ?:D
i eat them :D there actuly not bad, the other trippin mushrooms i used are much worse.
for how long is teh trip?
around 7 hours i had with those last time, but if u smoke some weed the trip gets also back abit :D but normally around 5 hours, but its totally different from xtc
gotta try someday
yeah its really alot a fun :D crazy things happens, but its sometimes abit scary
goout for a drink and a smoke tomorrow
my all friends are away so im gonna watch nhl tonight and hope that Ill win 100e !
cu at LAN
oh wait :(
derbytime ;) schalke-dortmund ( dortmund will win for sure).. going to a birthday party later.. saturday in the afternoon havin a lot of beer with a lot of friends and on sunday there is carnival in my town 8D
3 days party wohoooo :p
ive got the cold, so probably just some poker :<

less fun than partying, but at least i make money:P
wank furiously like always
Having a gines @ army...
im gonna go pulkkailemaan :)
all my lovely friends r coming to drink a bit tonite. maybe well take over the hill behind my appartment for some snow fun. tomorrow first work, after that bday of my grandpa.. after that party again..
Send me some snow schnee! i wanna use my board again!!
oki ill use my board maybe too tonite :p
which one do you have?
a straight one
radnom board ;) nothing special
im gonna dress up as a Templar for Gozo Nadur Carnival!!!!! BYEEEE
THe pary animals, eating atm, shower, drinking some razz and then im going to party all the time party all the tiiiimee !!
going to the klote tonight and tomorrow
Study fucking loads of botanics.
Catching up my study load atm. Tomorrow I have to work again (like the last two days) and I'll probably end up staying home, because I'm too tired to go clubbing.

Fuck my life.
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