Ultimate installer prob

FIXED Had to connect to a server and then it worked -.-

Mornin' :)

I installed ET with uthat ultimate installer a few weeks ago but haven't bothered to actually play. Nopw I'd like to but for some reason I can't exec my cfg. I'm not a total retard so why the fuck can't I exec my autoexec? I put in ETmain and ETpro folder, named it autoexec wen't ingame and did /exec autoexec

couldn't exec autoexec.cfg

keke, so I close ET and rename it to autoexec.cfg ...

couldn't exec autoexec.cfg

I copied the etconfig and pasted my settings in there and renamed it to autoexec.

Now why the hell can't I exec my config, I is laik not doing it wooong :/

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I have nearly the same prob, reinstalled after formatting and now it automatically downloads that config which came with ETUI, have to manually exec my own everytime I start ET.

Deleted etconfigs from profiles, replaced them with my own, renamed them etc.

I can't even exec my cfg,t hat's the problem.. but when I do /writeconfig asdf and exec asdf.cfg it works.. Then I went and renamed asdf to Autoexec and I just can't exec it.. lul
Are the file-extensions hidden on your system?
If so, the files name is probably autoexec.cfg.txt and thats the reason why it cant be executed.

Just as one of ~37253 possible reasons for your problem :F
could be, where do I change them again?

e: got it, still doesn't work :(
worked fine here
Working fine here tbh ..
despite strange, should also work offline.
btw it´s enough to place the autoexec in ETMain, every mod can access it then, and there will be no confusion :)

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I usually just put it in ETmain but it didn't work so I tried it in ETpro.. Anyway, pretty strange, as soon as I joined a server I could exec it but before it gave me couldn'd exec ...cfg :/

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