Everglide Titan versus Razer Destructor

Back to looking at mouse pads again, for a low sensitivity user. Just did a measurement and I'm at exactly 40 cm for a 360 degree turn. EDIT: Forgot, using a MX518 but might buy a IME 3.0 or Ikari Laser. Would prefer experiences with those mice!

Comparing the Everglide Titan MonsterMat to the Razer Destructor -

Which mat has better tracking at high speeds(not sensitivity)? Also, list what mouse you are using.

Which mat has less friction?


If the Destructor is superior, is it worth the extra 5 dollars and less space compared to the MonsterMat?

everglide haven't been in the limelight since the discontinuation of the original DKT

link to specifications for the lazy?
Cheaper to buy a mantis speed, picked one up for 8 quid at staples!
Depends what you like; A hard surface or soft surface. Both have good tracking, have them both (actually razer mantis speed but razer used everglide surface says on the box). Destructor is also really really smooth for a hard pad. Durability both good.

Btw destructor is not so good for lowsens since it's quite small.
Didn't know that. Is the Goliathus Speed also the same thing as the Mantis/Titan? I can get that for even cheaper.
Titan: Durability over 1 year, speedwise it's freaking slow
Mantis/Goliathus Speed: Durability: no idea, not too bad I'd guess, speedwise quite good for a cloth mat
Destructor: Durabilty: 3-4 months, a lot faster than those cloth pads
QcK: Durabilty 2-3 weeks (atleast until it becomes a lot slower), speedwise it's comparable to the Razer clothpads (after the 3 weeks it's just a bit faster than the Titan)
Qpad: Durability: 1 month (then it simply becomes rough and a lot slower), speedwise it's faster than the other clothpads
Noidpad: Durabilty: so far 2 months, speedwise about the same as Qpad
Icemat: Durabilty: over 6 years, speedwise one of the fastest pad on the market. You either love or hate it.

Maybe some other pads will pop in my mind and I'll add them
You think Razer Mantis and Everglide Titan are different too?
Yes they are. They might use the same technology with that fibretek or whatever they call it, but the Mantis Speed is way faster than this sticky Titan.
I thought the same. Razer mantis is nicer imo
goliathus Speed is WAY faster than mantis speed, it's more silky like QCK and faster than any other cloth pad + thinner
as for Control series they are the same as old ones
Have you tested steelseries sp or sx ?
I had the SX and it's probably the crappiest and most expensive pad I had so far.

It's just an ordinary metal plate with a silicon layer on it. Since it's metal it gets dirty quite quickly and you have to clean it, some day even with water. That's the point when you wash off the silicon layer and make the pad completely useless. After that it was slower and the mouse scratched over it, also with new mousefeet. After another 2-3 weeks the pad got some shiny spots so it wears out within no time. It's really not worth the money.

No idea about the SP, afaik it's basically a thicker S&S pad, which should be really fine.
i used mx518 with a everglide titan for over a year with no problems at all
i am using g5 with mICEskatez + everglide titan and no problems too :)) (around 1,5year already)
Everglide titan (Fnatic Edition)
image: 5df88e2989ea
image: db8541ac1b0e
Icemat which you got atm (Blue one here)
image: 0f1e777761d6

Well that's some approximate max diagonal speed I could reach on these pads furiously moving my hand all over the table 8)) Moreover it's perfect control speed since Sujoy failed at this test testing all mice @ default DPI (800 for mx518) while @400dpi mx518 performs absolutely the same as mx500@1000hz.
1. Icemat definitely sux as a pad for a lowsenser who uses mx518 causing early skipping at low speeds + it's size isn't uberhuge, but with few mice it actually shows MUCH better results(>5m/s with ikari optical for example).
2. Everglide titan is prolly the BEST pad for an uberlowsenser with mx518 because:
-it's pretty huge
-it's very long-lasting and doesn't change it's tracking properties after months of usage and a lot of cleans(put it in the washing machine and it's ready to use as a new one)
-also i noticed a small difference to other pads if you use it in pair with mx518 - it's the only mouse which for example doesn't return to the initial point if you move to the right then to the left with the same speed on most other pads(well the difference is really miserable, but on pads like Everglide titan or Qpad CT it comes exactly to the initial point pixel to pixel, while on most other pads there's a few pixels difference(like up to 5% or so). not sure if it actually exists in other mx518 exemplars but i was very surprised when i had found that out) Dunno if it affects aim a lot but that 's weird ;[ the only reason i could explain it with is prolly the colour of the pad since both these pads are light-coloured.
3. Razer Destructor is a pretty decent hard pad, mx518 works fine on it, but as for me being a lowsenser 36cm/360 i'd never buy a hard pad since IMHO friction is NECESSARY for a lowsenser.

Read your last journal btw, just had no time to reply. You, being friction hater, could try some fast cloth/hybrid pad. If you want a hard pad - buy steelpad 5L, it's not very durable but imo hybrid pad is a good choice for those who have 30-40cm for 360.

edit: uh, just read that you're using 1600dpi, fuck off, don't choose, buy any, it will almost be the same on any pad.
Very nice write-up. Since no one has thanked you yet, I will. Thanks.
I must have a very strange mouse, as I get 510 hz peak/over 500 average and get mouse errors at the exact same speed for 400 dpi versus 1600 dpi, whether or not I have drivers installed.

Also, I tried putting my Titan in the washing machine last time, and I will never do that again LOL.
well mine is absolutely like a new one lol, might be different temperatures/washing powder dunno rly ;s

what do you mean by mouse errors?

510 hz peak/over 500 average is absolutely ok Oo
I will try the Razer Goliathus Speed, unless anyone thinks I should get the Mantis instead.

If I don't like it, I'll try out the NOIDpad.

Thanks for the help. :)
frag hard
Everglide Titan really rocks with my G5, i am not an lowsenser, mid- to highsens but it's simply the smoothest Pad i've ever had, it's cheap + it's long lasting = overall best pad for me...
I've had a Razer Mantis Speed for almost a year now and it's still as smooth and fast as ever. Just gotta wash it with soap and water every few months and it's a great pad.

I also bought a Ikari Laser at one point and absolutely hated it lol. The performance of it is good, but I found the shape terrible. You'd probably like it tho if you angle your mouse to the left in your hand.
Well, hopefully the Goliathus is just as good. Ordered one last night.

Do you still have the Ikari Laser? And I'm assuming you're using a Copperhead now?
Nope, exchanged it for the copperhead I'm using now :>
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