PC hardware upgrade for ET

Well, i wanna upgrade my computer for better FPS

i got HD3650 + P4 3200

im not gonna pay much

if ill buy 9600GT it will give me stabe 125? or i need to change proccess too..

only processor imo :-)
how's e5200 for ET?

much better the my old p4 3200?
e5200 is good processor, much better than this old pentium
you have 775 or 478 socket?

e5200 is fine? i mean, i can pay abit more for better performances if its worth it, juts saw the e5200 at my price range
e5200 is fine
e5200 = e8*** with smaller cache
it had high multipler so you can overclock it higher
your processor is fine, dunno about ati cards
at goldrush i never get stable 125 fps with my 9600gso and P4 630 3ghz
with this same card and e8200 @ 4ghz i have stable 125
look at my profile and say that again
you are talking about cg_drawfps 1 or 2 ?
on cg_drawfps 2 you got average fps
on 2 i have 100
Do you have an AGP or PCIe Board and which one exactly? First thing to think about when you see P4.
I do not think that he thought about the exchange cpu with intel i865 chipset...
How do you know which chipset/board he has?
if you are talking about AGP, and he had 775 socket it must be something like i865 or random via chipset...
Right, and then it can happen (mainly with some low budget VIA/SIS chipsets) that his chipset doesn´t support wolfdale cores, or the developer has discontinued BIOS support and you recommend him a wolfdale cpu.

You just have to think about that it could be an AGP + 775 Board which supports only 90/65 nm cores, since his HD 3650 could be an AGP card.
but i said that i want 9600gt which means i got PCI E


775: pci-e
True there are no AGP versions, I just asked to be sure since the HD 3650 is available for AGP and some people don´t regard that :)

w/e if your board supports the E5200 makumba is right, you will gain more performance with this new cpu.
"stabe 125"

Doesnt matter what computer you buy it will never be stable...
well, my mate cuttyP claims he has 125 stable fps on his 4 year old laptop. But he's also a little bit of a showoff, so he might be a liar!

I have a pretty new pc and I never get stable 125 fps on any map (no cutty, seeing 125 fps in warmup does not mean it's stable).
I have 125 but its jumping to 124 everytime + pb lag gives that antivirusscan feeling
yea same for me I guess
on linux i have stable 500
and i rly mean it, it doesnt even go to 499-500
500 only ^_^
I dont know what are you talking about but maxfps is 125 in ET. Oh wait you are playing on some random public ^^
im talking about that i can cap it to 500 :(
on private servers i cap it to 83 :(
because my refresh rate is 85 maybe..
I have stable 125 on every map
I got stable every map with picmip 0 with my specs.

c2d e8400 3ghz
2gb ram
9600GT 512mb
sounds plausible...btw picmip has zero influence on todays graphic cards.
You get stable FPS because ET is scared of The Veteran.
what does picmip have to do with anything?
It does mean something. Being able to play with picmip 0/high texture qualities at 125fps stable on anymap shows that the 9600GT could be a suitable choice for what he's looking for. If i was looking for a new graphics card, i would want a decent one at least. I wouldn't want a card which could only get 125 fps if you tweaked the fuck out of the config etc..
Wasn't it proven that there's no difference between picmip 0,1,2 in fps? I might be mistaken though..
On my old pc, i had significantly less fps with picmip 0 than with picmip 3.

eg- 60 with picmip3, 30-40 with picmip 0

Although, you're statement could be true with most newer cards.
replace that 3200.. 3.2ghz may sound ultra-fast but it really isnt.. the q6600 at 2.4ghz is already about ~2/3times as fast using a single core
As ET only supports one core, isnt it actually faster to have a 3ghz single core as opposed to a 2.4ghz dual core? i realize it would make much more sense to have a dualcore anyway, but im curious! :D
nah.. the pentium 4's are outdated compared to dual/quadcores.. they use different techniques etc etc.. stepping

the slowest core2duo/core2quad (only using 1 core) could probably beat a p4 3.2ghz w/o a problem:)
ye ye i know Q6600 will be much better but:

1) if i get a mid-range proccess it will be E8400 and not Q6600
2) it wont be much helpful for ET since its 1core based (ill get stable X FPS anyway, but still..)
3)my PC dosent support the proccess features
Ah okay thanks, nice to know these things!
ET is mostly CPU related, and be careful to check wether you need an AGP card or a PCI-E card. But I suggest you don't update your vidcard if you want to get stable 125 in ET.
just upgrade both before the summer ET2:D
Why would you buy something for ET? Save more money and buy smth for the future (if your plannin on playing rtcw2 or whatever)

ET will be gone in a month when the next RtCW chapter is released :E
Doubt that..

i dont have more money, i save as much as i can for a new guitar, but im tired of playing ET with shitty fps.. i can sped around 100 dollars for a CPU/GPU.. if it will help me

if ill buy a better proccess ill need to change the moby and its ends up as a new PC.. ill buy a new PC as soon as i can anyway but for now an E5200 would be enought
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