JamLegend, a free Guitar-Hero like.

Hi dudes,

I thought some of you might be interested in that game.
JamLegend is a free Guitar-Hero like as the title reads. You don't have to download anything, you can play it directly on the website. You just need your keyboard.

Don't expect to find any famous singers or group, JamLegend's primary goal is to give a chance to unknown artists. Nevertheless, you'll sure find some cool musics to play.

The site is still in Beta and is only 5 months old. It offers you the possibility to play some duels against your friends or participate in "showdowns" with others JamLegend users.

Moreover, a ladder and a XP points system are available, to show who is the best. There are 4 levels of difficuly and 2 game mode. You should start with "Guitar Jam", I think it's more intense and funny to play. But don't forget to go through the tutorial firstly !

If you need help, don't hesitate to pm me here or in #aaa. Sorry for frengrish :p.

Link : http://www.jamlegend.com/refer/li/116983
I'll stick to the real thing.
Stepmania > Jamlegend
thought its says IamLegend
pretty nice, usefull for when i'm bored in college
Use synthesia for keyboard/piano if you want something similar to guitar hero, and you are a pianoplayer.

You can use every midi you like (even orchestra ones) and it shows you the notes you need to play on the keyboard (which is connected to your pc if you want to play the game itself, but it doesnt have to be connected to work). You can do this for score or just to see what notes to play if you can't read sheet music and would like to memorize a piece.

Just a general add to this journal. :D
Just get a guitar
They prolly don't, they just lack the money :D
i prefer jamming myself in real life :) anyway guitar hero games are fun to play
I'm at the moment on Legendary , easy 4 meeh
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