Underworld or Watchmen

Well, just tell me which is better because either me nor my gf can decide which one we should watch@ cinema :(
based on IMDB, you should see Watchmen :)
Download both!!!!:>
Watchmen got really bad ratings
on imdb? :D
watchmen looks absolutely amazing
watchmen, it can't get worse than underworld tbh
didnt see watchmen but uw was quite fun to watch
Underworld has a nice love story tied to it and it's actually a quite decent movie, I'd go for that!
underworld on dvd watchmen in cinema coz watchmen has some really badass effects which are pretty cool on big screen
watchmen. underworld 3 is utter shit
watcman, underworld is just pure crap
watchmen ofc!
Watchman would be cooler if the heros were known, dont know nobody of them...
would be cooler like ( captain america, wonder women, iron man etc...)

Ps: the cooles film will be wolverine its coming on may or so ;)
Thats "The Avengers" Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and some more :D

That comes out in 2011 :D
Nooooo way...... :D
i heard that they want to do a film with Hulk and Ironman together
in some comics they were together aswell :)
in newest hulk theres ironman in the end.

animation also exists, the sons and daughters of captain america, ironman and rest of the badass heroes are in it. its not very good but just lettin u know.
yeah thx, i knew at the end of Hulk2 that one black guy was Toni (ironman)
i read alote comics back days still have the old comics at home :D :D :D *proud*

Still waiting for the G.I Joe film <3
guy with the black suit, not black guy.
what ever...
Hes black for me like in the comics :P
Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Thor and Captain America will all be in The Avenger film in 2011 :D
hehehe Awsome!!!

HE-man gonna owning too i hope, not that pussy like film in the 90's that realy sucked!
Wonder women is a DC character mate not Marvel
c+p of wiki
sin city 2 comin this year ! \o/
oh my god. matrix feeling.
wouldnt it be awesome if a xmen film would be made in sin city style!
Hmm not bad i dunnot like that much sin city, but i heard they want to bring
a new He-man film *laugh*

Ps: Transformers 2 is coming out aswell :D with the autobots if someone knows them...
haha he-man :DDD arnold should play leadroll!
First parts of Underworld were utter bullshit, so you can´t be wrong with watchmen though I guess it´s not a good film too.
You're the man, you decide. She just agrees.
Go for Underworld .
Been to the cinema to watch the new Underworld- wouldn't call it the best choice in my life but also it wasn't so bad to regret the money spent on it. Dunno about Watchmen- waiting for first reviews since I don't wanna waste my money if it turns out to be a boring production.
Watchmen, Underworld isn't anything special
2 Tomaten gehen die Straße entlang. Die eine wird plötzlich überfahren. Sagt die andere: " Komm Ketchup!"
going to watch watchmen today ^^
Watchmen <3

...and all the politicians and the whores will look up and shout… save us! and I'll look down and whisper…NO :)

Its in the beggining of the comic: 1 chapter, 1 page....

image: watchmen0101
The world will look up and shout "SAVE US!"
And I'll whisper "No."

This quote is simply epic. Just for that phrase i gotta watch this movie
too bad the quote isn't the same as in the comic

Comic != film but its similar ;)
what do you mean similar :s the film is based on the comic entirely
watchmen ! at least i'm going there, underworld prolly more of the same
WTFFFFF!!!!! Watchmen OFC!!!!!
Watchmen looks fucking win. I demand you go and see that.
image: klark50cent
the watchmen if you like the idea of characters over story line, if not go for underworld.
are you trying to say that watchmen are more focused on characters rather than story? :o
yes if you read the comics and such , its about the characters more than a direct story line , as in how the emotions of the protagonist are developing. :)
you just wanna see the huge blue penis, admit it already
I've read the comic, from my pov the characters and story are equally important, story maybe even more, it's just that it's presented through characters
yeah thats what i meant by it, more that the chars are the story line if anything
i liked the previous underworld movies... this one was rubbish tho
But you gotta luv Rhona Mitra :>
Underworld is ok nothing special i have not seen Watchmen yet but it looks from what i have seen from trailers the better film, Also watch Soulmen if you like comedies top film

Watchmen sucks, Underworld rocks
went to sneak preview last tuesday and they showed us the entire movie called Rolemodels which is going to be in cinema 13th of march (yes friday :DD). I surely recommend it one of the funniest movies this year.
+1 @ Rolemodels
Just watched Watchman, good movie.
Underworld, great film. First is better than the third, cant say anything about watchman yet though. - As tele said: Rolemodels is so funny!
saw underworld like 3 weeks ago and it was mega epic fail, it was boring, it was stupid, it was shit. Was on watchmen yesterday in teh cinema and it was decent, it wasnt awesome, but decent (read moments of boredom switching with moments of awesome)
Fuckin superhero films there are ridiculous hate them all
watchmen is not comparable with other superhero movies. This one's about the development of character's and has not much action.

Too bad just one character really rocks :D
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