Mm so my roccat is so homo that it broke its wheel after 2 months of use I need to fix my MX518. The mouse is losing connection and I think its because of the broken cable (the fiercer moves I make the more it happens -> cable might be detached).

Anyone know how to get the cable out and back in without damaging the mouse badly?
first.. easiest way is to buy new mouse
sungha jung

edit: get a razer
i has razer for 2 years now and dont got any probs with it maybe go try razer yea
roccat still has warranty? and for the mx518, open it and see if theres something wrong
maybe cut the wire a bit from the mouse side and replace it in its place
i had some problem with mx518's wheel and i opened it, i pulled the wheel away and there was some broken quill and i took it off.. now the wheel is working but it doesnt have the wheeling sound or the "wheeling steps"
mx518 cost like €30, buy a new one
I need the MX just for the time till roccat gets back from warranty and Im not gonna buy a new one.
-.- then I hope you are very good at brazing tiny tiny wires :)
got mine for 25

brand newq
kk then it got cheaper.. got mine for €30 2 years ago :P
Low- botbrain :D
Ounaisin sut pelkäl puukol!
Buy a new one or unscrew the base, it's easy enough to open
+1, just use screw-driver...
easiest way is to buy new mouse
open mouse, deisolate main wire till you notice a break and then connect them somehow back. can try explaining it in detail, but only if i am force to do so :>

worked with just a SWISS (ftw) ARMY KNIFE and without a MacGyver

EDIT: MacGyvers had fullspawn!
the newer models of the rocca are supposed to have proper mousewheels!
i dont really understand how your mize can broke?
what the fuck do you do with it
Play with it. new2u? :o
thanks for making an awesome idea.
no srsly, i never had any mouse broken and i dont see any reason why it should in future
During the last 3 years ive broken 4 headphones, 5 mp3 headphones, 3 mouses + roccat wheel.

So dunno :S
looks like a nice mouse!
had the same, i just pushed the cable back in and it stopped
get an apple mouse!
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