This PC-System?

Hello, my current PC is broken by a lightning :s
now i want a complete new system ^^
what do you think about this system?

thanks for your opinion :>
get intel cpu and a bigger psu
whats a psu?
power supply unit
Its not the case of a bigger psu, but more it's efficiency and ampage on the rail. A decent 450w psu could run that system.
i know
400w is still pushing it even if it's efficient, also stupid if you wanna upgrade in the future

also 450 is bigger than 400
I factored in your suggestion that an intel cpu will have a higher power consumption than an amd.
Nope I misread what was written :D
Firstly: NOT ALTERNATE, too expensive

Enermax Modu82+ > Liberty

too small and expensive HDD -> better Samsung F1 640GB (7e more)

hopefully you take the 4870 with 1GB GDDR5

you want to overclock? else the boxed cooler is fine
no i dont want to overclock and i dont need 640GB :>
got a 1000GB extern hdd
-> boxed cooler is enough

-> so take a smaller samsung F1
where i should buy?
create a wishlist at and look which vendor got the cheapest prices so you can make one order at one vendor.

I'd recommend kmelektronik, but only if you visit it over geizhals, else the prices are fucked up. ordered my pc there, no problems and serious business.
Get a different case

100 euros without power supply isnt that good

I have the cpu myself, if you arent overclocking then its a good buy
4870 is a good choice also
HD = WD = Autowin
LianLi > *
what are you talking about, the case is the best part of his build right now

LianLi are pretty awesome.
well he could buy a proper case for 50 euros, saving him 50 euros which he can spend on the nice fans
Yeah but the LianLi case has much better construction and airflow meaning he doesn't need to spend 60€ on fans...

those cases aren't for everyone... some people think its worth it and others dont
I agree on the last part :)
that cpu cooler is bad value for money I think

check out the lists at and (ignore the highlighted heatsink)
edit: you said you don't plan on overclocking so stock cooler should be enough I guess

also I'd recommend C2D over A64X2

and definitely a better power supply
will have an bottleneck for your hd4870, and PSU ain't enough
buy surge protection then NetherlandsLightning cant kill your pc again
+1 gfx card (price/quality)
+1 case (strong, LianLi quality)
+1 RAM (if you are running 64) (g.skill is nice)

-1 mobo (get intel or nvida chipset)
-1 proc (get intel c2d)
-1 psu (500w mininmum / 900w if you plan to use sli or xfire later)

dunno about that cpu cooler coz i use water.
DVD and HDD are ok but i would go for samsung, not WD.
better power supply
didnt know ram was that cheap nowadays
thats because its DDR2 which nobody buys nowadays when there is DDR3 with significant improvements
QuoteDDR2 which nobody buys

wtf? It's still the most popular. i7+ddr3 platform is expensive as fuck right now and few people are investing in it
different PSU omfg
get 2GB DD3 not DDR2.. get more later if u want (although its useless)
get SATA not IDE
i would only get supermicro or abit mobo's
seems overpriced
rofl whatever you do don't buy that system.. and shop @

The forums there usually have nice topics about the same thing that gets answered by people who know how to get the most out of that kind of money. gl
way too expensive, check my profile.. its a decent system for 500€
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