PC problem :(

Dear crossfire

Since weeks this is happening eeeeevery day. Every few minutes, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 1 or maybe 8, my PC freezes for exactly 10 seconds. In that period I can't move my mouse nor doing anything and my music goes off, apparently.

I already tried some lousy tricks like HiJackThis (hehe sn00p h3h) or check if there's some virus, nothing helped. (NO VIRUZ)

Afterall I must admit I'm too lazy to "reinstall" my PC since I got absolutely NO clue about PCs, and wEAK doesn't want to drive here to help me.

Do you know what I could do? I also already tried to check it via TaskManager to see which program might use all the power, was nothing special.

Thanks in advance, ciao hombres

PS: It also happens ingame as probably some viewers yesterday noticed :D
tell wEAK to pack his lazy ass in his goddamn A3 and drive down to your crib ^.^
I had this once before. The problem was I had my harddrives set to after 10 minutes of no activity. Maybe check if that is turned on (power options in control panel)
have you tried to clean your registsry + cleaning your PC inside? :) like CPU ,Graphic Card,RAM's?
Do you really think dude knows which one is gfx, cpu, or ram? :-D
Uh..bad.image: gigabyte that's graphic card. Can look kinda different btw.
-at first open your PC's case and clean it.
-unify memories.
-guess you have enough memory (not running out of memory?).
-hard drive(s) too full? (might make miracles.. only the god knows).
-check temperatures (sisoft sandra is good software).
Memtest for memory, Everest for temp :)
Okej thanks guys, eventhough I won't touch my PC out of respect, I'll surely find some person who might look at it :D I'd only destroy it :(
Unless you fucking eat parts of it, you wouldn't destroy it by cleaning the fans etc..
check your system event viewier in administritive tools, theres bound to be an error message and a time and date. Read the error message it should help stear you in the right direction to what the hell it is.
You should really learn 0_0
Have you tried turning it off and then back on again? ;p

Tbh just save what you want to keep on a usb mem stick and format with the windows disc. If Tekno can do it.. you can.
*cough* maybe it's an intel/nvidia pc *cough* ;-)
you need to create a GUI interface using Visual Basic
try open it and stomp on the cards
gifty schatz
its certainly hardware related - bad drivers or overheating !

been there, done that
doubt overheating, since I had that, it rebooted the system everytime. :p
reinstall drivers to ur cpu and ram
better find somebody (friends or something) who could reinstall ur system, its just the best and most quickest way

google can help you, try to search some pc forum and post your question there
maybe smth wrong with ram or virtual memory dunno...
use the program LogMeIn somebody else can control ur pc from over an other place by giving him ur ip and pw so wEAK doesn't need to drive to your house he can just controll it from his house:) manhunt helped me that way with my microphone prob ;o perhaps it works for u too!
means like he can install hax to ure pc?
well u can see what he is doing from ur pc u can both control the mouse it's pretty funny you can be even both @ vent :)
bayern zerfickt schon,man kann nicht alles haben ^^
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