Ati_ !!

Anyone uses an ATI graphics card?

1. What are your settings in ati control catalyt? (screenshots?)

2. Do omega drivers help? If so do you just install them then thats it or is there more?

If anyone helps me get better fps i will give them a FREE RS account np


512 ram
2.4 ghz
Ati raedon 7000 (LOL)

Yes would buying a better gfx card help with fps, if so which one?

Basically what components do i need for gaming with this pc?

Cant spend too much money as i dont have a job atm (woolworths closed down -.-)
<insert dumb comment here>
100fps with your setup nP
It's not hard to :(
if your not being sarcastic...HOW?

if u are...suck my LEFT 1!

I've gotten 100fps stable on most maps with worse specs than that. But my secret was just linux :(
its a trap to make me install linux isnt it ^^
Just get a 2nd hand hdd or some shit for a fiver and test it ^___________^
all settings on low, disable catalyst a.i
settings are on low

dunno how to disable ai

used to get 50+ fps

now getting 10 -_- on oasis
image: img_121286e59a755b6d4442d3332e6ec4ee
finnish but i assume that you can understand something :pp
yh thx but dont have that option under 3d lol

only api specific & standard settings ^^
first of all how much are u prepared to spend on new components?
so thats only for vid card?
i mean u wont get much for £100 if u meaning to buy smth else apart from vid card, if only vid card then i could do some research for some cheap and good cards.

would the vid card on its own be enough to get at least 76 fps?

if not im willing to pay £200 max for other components ^^
u dont have dual core right?
i see u have only 512mb and a bit weak proccesor so its not really all probs at vid card, also other stuffs are a bit old for it... i mean its good, but u cant get so good fps at game. I would advice u to wait a bit with buying some stuffs, get some more money and build up new pc like i did at past, when i change everything and didnt spend more then 400€
yes but my vid card atm is 64mb :D

surely buying a 512mb vid card would make a bit of a difference? ^^
a bit, but not much with other components so low, u would just waste ur money to buy only vid card and leave others old. As i said, get some more money and suffer a bit now, then build new pc and own :D
some ati 3800 series have agp iirc :>
dont u think i tried that before making this post??
nah cuz you wouldn't have needed to make a journal!
Sapphire 4870X2

didnt try to overclock yet, but will do (probably with Rivatuner and not CCC)
why do u need to oc? your card alrdy pwns every game xD i rly dont think u will see any difference if u oc ^^
indeed that card is atm the best at market from all of it, anyway im interested how much did u payed for it?
i dont have it but the gtx 295 is the best atm :P
not that i know, at least from jurnals, forums, site i got out that ATI having atm the best cards even better then GeForce.
nvidia's GTX 280, 285, 295, and sometimes 260 216core over rides ati's card, alltho hd4870 is an excellent card, but nvidia are holding the market atm
even better then hd4870 x2 with 2gb ram oO?
that kind of card cost here 522€ lol :D
295 is better thanhd4870x2, rest are just better than the hd4850/70
oh i thought ati is the best -.-
hes wrong.
i payed my ATI 400euros btw
i don't care who's better, but facts are facts =/
check below
picture doesn't show :s i bet that's probably something with 30" resolution? :d
that usually depends :P on highest resolution the x2 will beat 295 because of higher vram, but ive seen a few times the 295 sneaks and beats it
but overall on every benchmark around 5 out of 6 / 7 tests 5 of them the 295 wins
i tried those two cards and the 4870x2 was better in 80% of games i tried on my 20 and 42'' screens. Reviews says the same but w/e... :]
doenst matter which one is better, since i cant afford none from both :D
im an overclocker ;]
ill try and see how it goes.
get ati catalyst control center 9.2
I have it with my radeon hd 4870 and it pwns, cause it boosts my fps much (I can make anti aliasing x4 and high settings @ crysis warhead -> much more fps as with old driver)

1680x1050 32bit 60Hz
color: standart
rest: high
Avivo: 0 - 180 - 6500K
thought hes busted :(
Reptile does
4850 here

overheats as fuck, but is rly fast ;d
34° idle here, got the cheapest expertvision/palit one and was surprised by the temps, even if you touch it while gaming it doesn't really get hot anywhere :P
sapphire hd4850 with dual fan sink here
idle 40°c
load ~65-74°
u wont get et running with that cp.
Nvidia ftw
Talking about fps in ET?
Get a real processor and config
you could buy something like a radeon hd 3800 which would work with your current system. That way you wouldn't need to upgrade everything yet. But with such little RAM and a 2.4GHz processor it's pointless doing anything except upgrading.
Which processor? There are many with 2,4 ghz...
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