soooo... now when, koto, kmt, iur, zen etc is back, cant you ban those portugese retards who keeps playing with em?!

koto - "as we all know only stupid cheaters get caught, so what's the point in still competing really?"

start with mAv plox

"[15:35] <+omnia`dELGA> yeh coz i enjoy playing with them aint that enough?"

ban them from where?
CB, crossfire and Springsteen concerts
Ban Belgium Witje too: OBVIOUS RIFLECAM
where u can see there a riflecam?maybe he learnd that shot?or was it sarcasm
agreed, ban
how about Netherlands mize playing with Germany huNta ?!
banning hunta coz he plays with mize or vice versa? :D
what game is that
the witcher
i rly advice you to play it :D
but make sure you download the Enhanced Edition

you can bang whores there :~>

Ban this team they're all fucking cheaters. cb accounts like 2 weeks old and they bash better than TLR.

Could killerboi or someone look onto 'em
played vs them some time ago i was wondering why they aimed so well.. i guess this is why...

[15:25] <+omnia`dELGA> mAv iur koto wht hitt tytsuco

[15:26] <+omnia`dELGA> oh yeah jake won portuguese allstars btw!
[15:27] <+omnia`dELGA>
[15:27] <+omnia`dELGA> look at there team look at ours
[15:27] <+omnia`dELGA> without forgeting my bro played for us and kmt played for them

gotta love
whats wrong with that?

i kinda dont get your point tbh you were the one playing with the likes of senti kenta etc and now you make this such a big deal
are u fucking retarded? senti was shit and started cheating ages after we parted

kenta wldve never been banned if it wassnt for me... now go crawl back under ur rock with all ur nc buddies... dickhead
true hero my friend true hero
do i know you?
senti is and was one of the best tactical medics in the game
We played CB offi vs them too. and lost :D

That is one of hela hacker team. Hope they get banned soon.
were cheating coz we beat you? go out of your bubble
at least with ettv ur really med- orso
CB accounts aren't 2 weeks old, some are 6 years old. The PIDs are but not the HIDs. Only one of them has been banned previously & his ban will be lifted on July 24th. But he'll be further banned now for RWB.
who is banned already?
is it hard to lose ?
for cheaters yes it is.

It's stupid and unfair.
they arent anymore -.-
maybe leave them alone? they are lan proofed and dont they dont cheat anymore, tafuck. mentality retards really.
Have you watchst them playing on ettv??? they where tracking tru the walls and stuff like that so please;)! and then there is something like lan prooft in wat line means lan prooft mean something it doesn't mean anything!
no, because you are the only one who cares? if you can't own those guys, then ask dabster for aim-lessons
rat is the one to talk here after playing with ppl like senti mythas and kenta :P
atleast they were busted after eh?

now go crawl back into ur hut and eat a dog or smthin... trash
totally agree, just played 3o3 and xfritz were playing with speedy-bozar and some random unkown hacker as their third.
give this info to shine or max in the channel and get them banned tnx :)
well.. dont rly mind if ppl get banned from 6on6 or 3on3 channel. just showed how retarded ppl are. more than like looking forward to see the same what happened to bSTURZ
well, seeing that roxor is banned, domi gets banned all the time and whole masculine mens including kapaa, vanhaomena and 534571234 other clean people are banned from there... i wouldn't even try that tbh :D

As of late Slajdan is constantly playing with shine's mixes. The fact that he allways shoots the same acc (no matter if were playing vs low, med or high) doesnt bother shine.

I own them all so I dont give a flying fuck.
must be pro
:$ i am in love with you now !!!

is whine getting "IN" again? yestarday ensam coz of "stupid" spawn time in GR, today you coz YOU THINK that they hax... we need more whine!

niggaz plz.
true they are clean and decent players, let them play!
imho they are nice guys and definitly plays clean now from what i've seen.
Very nice in ventrilo, therefore they are allowed to play.
ye ban mAv!!
Served their bans and are allowed to play if they want, just stfu.
:D sarcasm I hope
Why would it be? They served their bans so I see no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to play anymore.
so I will buy an etbot I will pwn with it I get busted I get a ban I served my ban and after that I can just play with my etbot again? cheaterlover!
You seem to be misunderstanding me. Ofcourse you can't cheat again after you served your ban. No idea if koto and the others started cheating again, I was under the impression rat was whining about them cheating in the past and now being allowed to play again.
Stop whine... they raped you nP.
noway, it's 2009, nowadays you are the weird one, not the people who play with tons of cheaterscum morons, coz that's the right way for the ET, cheaters are the good ones!
We played with ETTV, so stfu and get skill


ps: kmt and zen arent in the team

again, fu u :D!
wtf, cheaters on et? never! :D
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