Editing Skins for moviemaking?

ive been trying to edit some skins before but I kinda lost everything.
I just wanna edit the gloves for now. Anyone has a nice link or a tip where I should start, which file to make? Do I have to make a script or smth
rename pak0.pk3 to pak0.zip extract it and go to models/players/temperate/
no further stuff to do?
Can I just make a little pk3 file with the files i want to edit
Like test.pk3 with only 'models/players/temperate/' and no texture folder, gfx folder etc?
ill explain it more when I get back from work
yea you can make a pk3 only with the files you want to edit, don't forget to keep the same directory structure. Then name your pk3 something like zzz_test.pk3 so it overrides the original files.
image: fdzyub
Could I also just make 1 folder for the models and put the pk3 in etpro or smth
well i remember using one small prog that could change pk3 files and see what was in him, you can try also using a prog calling GTKRadiant
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