gossip girl

need streams, starting from season 1 thqqq <3
gl i say lazy bastard
That's not healthy.
only megavideo links are working most of the time, and it has limited watching time :(
Download those episodes. not so hard. :D From a torrent you get the entire season in like 1 hour
you might want to look it up on wikipedia...
if you watch it you will grow a pussy.
and not a nice one but a hairy, freewheeling, fishy, russian pussy.
whats up with the macho-behaviour? dont try to act cool by talkin bs
act cool talking bs?
well its up to you to think that but if the "content" of gossip girl is entertaining for you then my friend you are clearly a girl.
now go grow your vagina while watching a girl sending sms about joe fucking linda.
u definitely dont come out much do you? so the OC, one tree hill etc are only series for girls? jesus dude u are one fcked up individual if you think that :d i know enough guys that watch series like that so why dont u shut ur wnbmachomouth and go out sometime eh?
you watch TV outside?
think before talking retard.
yes OC is a chick-series.
the guys that watch it keep asking for gossip girl links on a saturday evening while argueing that watching pussy-series makes you a proper man.
go outside and realize: guys like u r the ones that are never invited to partys and that got at most "best-friend-potential" for women.
u are fuckin hilarious mate, mayb u should think before talking? the fact that i stay inside on a saturdaynight has EVERYTHING to do with re-examinations, so what the hell are u talking about in the first place? And please u cant be serious bout being BF with girls, cos which normal guy can be best friends with a girl without having other intentions? and get ur facts straight, did i ever say that watching a serie like that makes me a proper man? i dont think so, ur the kind of guy thats so fucked up that he thinks watching a series that girls like makes u gay or whatever, says enough bout how insecure u are :)
im tired of ur justifications.
the content of the show is gay, you like it, you are gay.
bye fat ugly fuck
haha cool bro. u really got me there.
now that i am beaten lets try to react the way you do it:
why ... didnt say ... normal guys ... cool stuff ... best friend ... GOSSIP GIRL WIN.

hahaha keep on going man ur better than any tv show.
Those series are good way to learn what not to do for example. It might be acting but some of the basic truths are there. So seriously go fuck urself somewhere with ur almighty muscle.
gay friends? :D
where did i mention friends?
Not rly. In goddip girl actors/actresses can act but in 90210 it's so fake :S
That's for sure. There are many shows better than 90210 :D
they are all great, but ONE TREE HILL > all

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